Pros and Cons of Zoos

Zoos are places where animals live in captivity and they are displayed for people to see. The sites of sophisticated breeding centers, where species that are endangered may be protected and studied by scientists. The zoos can be of various types. It can be of animals, fish, children and even birds.

The places are normally set aside and protection to be put in place so that the animals may not be interfered with. The animals are fed and are also treated in case of an ailment.

Pros and Cons of Zoos

Pros of Zoos

  1. Professional training

The animals are used by the professionals to study their diet, diseases that affect them, and their behavior. The zoos help such professionals as it is easier for them to get the animals in the zoos.

  1. Immediate health care

When the animals are put in a zoo, they are able to be given immediate care in case they fall sick as opposed to when the animals are roaming in the fields alone.

  1. They organize breeding programs for the rare species

The zoos work hand in hand worldwide and through this, they are able to organize for breeding programs whereby the species that are not found in a certain country or place can be transported and facilitate breeding and this avoids extinction of some species.

  1. It boosts the economy for the local community

Through zoos, the local community is able to get employment opportunities and this may help them improve their living standards which will reduce the number of unemployed people in the country hence improving the country’s economy.

  1. It conserves endangered species

Some species are much endangered. People do kill them to sell their body parts and they earn a lot of money from it. When they are put in a zoo they are protected and poachers may not get the chance of killing them hence the species will be conserved.

  1. Source of education

When people visit zoos there not only enjoy themselves but also learn many things concerning the animals hence they the get education and the value of the animals to individuals and the country.

  1. It facilitates research

A lot of research is done on animals before it is tried on human beings. Animals that have more characteristics of human beings are tools for research as the researchers will try on them before trying on human beings.

  1. Source of revenue to the government

When people visit zoos, they pay a certain amount of money and the money acts as a source of revenue to the government. The money may be invested in other areas hence boosting the economy of the country.

  1. They make the animals not to cause damage to people and the environment

Some of the animals kept in zoos if left alone they may cause damage to the environment and people and this may be disastrous.

  1. Degree programs are being created

Many universities are striving to train students about zoos so that they may have more knowledge about the animals hence easy to handle the diseases that may affect the animals. This increases knowledge in the field of zoos.

  1. Offers employment opportunities

After the students have graduated with the degree they are able to be employed in the zoos as veterinaries hence the earned income from it.

Cons of Zoos

  1. Easy to develop health problems

Some animals can survive well in their natural habitats. When they are put in zoos they may develop health problems which can cause their death.

  1. Animal behavior is altered

The animals that are kept in the zoos will behave differently from the animals that live in their natural habitats. This may make them not to be able to protect themselves when they are attacked as they have been made docile. Their eating behavior may also be altered.

  1. It is costly

To maintain a zoo is costly and this may make some animals suffer while there. It is expensive to feed them and good shelter has to be provided to them. People have to be employed to ensure that the zoo is well kept and this may be expensive.

  1. Captive offsprings are often dependent

Offsprings that are bred in the zoos will always be dependent. This is because they are not taught how to look for their own food and they will end up remaining in the zoos for all their lives as it will be difficult for them to survive in the wild environment.

  1. Zoo environment may not favor the animals

Some animals tend to live longer when they are in their natural habitat as opposed to those that are put in zoos. This is a disadvantage to the animals as they will die earlier as compared to those that live in the natural habitat.

  1. The zoo can be focused on profits instead of the welfare of the animals

As there is some money that is earned from the zoos, it may turn out to be profit-oriented forgetting the welfare of the animals hence the animals may end up suffering.

  1. Long procedure legal formalities

There is a long procedure that has to be followed for the zoo to be allowed by the government. This may discourage a lot of people who have a passion for taking care of the animals.

  1. The animals can cause diseases to human beings

Some animals may cause diseases to animals and this may become difficult to get the cure. The cure to find the animals that caused the diseases have to be studied fast and this may take a long time hence risking the lives of human beings.

  1. Conservation programs do not guarantee the survival of the species

The animals that are kept in the zoos in order for them to be conserved, there is no guarantee that they will survive. The environment is very different and this may affect them negatively.

  1. The animals need specialists to treat them

In case of an ailment, the animals will require someone who has knowledge about the disease for it to be treated well.


Zoos are places that some people like to visit but others do not like it. The aim of most zoos is to protect the endangered species and help the injured animals. The animals may adapt to the life of captivity and live long but some may not get along with it hence not living long in that environment.

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