24 Major Pros and Cons of White Sapphire

White sapphire is a colorless sapphire. Sapphires are a type of aluminum oxide containing traces of titanium, iron, magnesium, copper, and chromium. These minerals help in the designation of color. They are used as a diamond substitute as they do not have any color. Sapphires are symbols of power, strength, kindness, and wise judgment.

Pros and Cons of White Sapphire

Pros of White Sapphire

  1. It is useful for professionals and businessmen

It is useful as it helps the businessmen and the professionals to improve their productivity in the field hence most preferred by them.

  1. Pricing and rarity

The white sapphires hold their own when it comes to pricing and rarity. It is found among the four gemstones of a diamond.

  1. It has medicinal value

The white sapphires have very many medicinal benefits. It cures ailments, it improves the immune system of the individuals who use it, and also helps in the health of the reproductive system.

  1. Its shape and pattern are visible from far

White sapphires have different cutting and grading measurements as compared to diamond. This makes it to be recognized from a distance hence it cannot be confused with other minerals.

  1. They somehow resemble diamond

It is colorless and this has made the jewelers market it as identical to diamonds with an additional advantage of having a lower price.

  1. Lower refraction index

The lower refraction index makes it to impede optical performance resulting in less fire and dispersion.

  1. Relatively cheap

White sapphires are relatively cheap hence those looking forward to purchasing jewelry can go for it easily.

  1. Good for an engagement ring

It is mostly preferred in making engagement ring as it is colorless but shiny hence it attracts most people to go for it.

  1. Difficult to chip

The white sapphires are difficult to cheap and this makes it possible to make things that can last long hence preferred by those who need things that can last long.

  1. Beautiful in appearance

Its appearance is beautiful and this makes a lot of people to be attracted to it hence fetching high market for its products.

  1. Prevents nightmares

A lot of people experience nightmares of which some may be scary. One way of preventing nightmares is to wear sapphire.

  1. It can be used to solve marital issues

Some who are in a marriage that has issues can use sapphire to solve the issues. This saves the children from being put at the risk of reduced intellectuals.

  1. Makes the body attractive

It makes the body look beautiful and attractive. It makes it easy for professionals who work in the creative and entertainment industries.

Cons of White Sapphires

  1. Scratches easily

White sapphires scratch easily and this makes it not to be durable as once it is scratched it will not appear nice and hence not easily won again.

  1. Sloppy strands

It is normally cut into sloppy strands which makes it cheaper but when a skilled cutter does it, it becomes expensive which in turn increases the cost of cutting the strands.

  1. Dull appearance

Due to its cloudy-whitish appearance because of its mineral composition, it makes it look dull hence it does not attract many people.

  1. It does not sparkle much

As compared to diamond, sapphire does not sparkle and shine like diamond hence not that attractive to be preferred for engagement rings.

  1. Requires a lot of maintenance

It needs a lot of maintenance so that it may maintain its shining nature. Without maintenance, it will fade away quickly.

  1. It is a low substance compare to diamond

Although both diamond and sapphire sparkles, that of the diamond cannot be compared to that of sapphire as diamond sparkles more.

  1. Confused with diamond

A lot of people confuse diamond and sapphire and this makes it possible for people to purchase the wrong item.

  1. It affects the value of a diamond

As the sapphire is confused with the diamond, it lowers the value of diamonds as most people think that they are the same which is not the fact.

  1. Transparent

White sapphire is transparent and this makes people not to like it as they can see through it hence not fetching high profits in the market.

  1. Requires frequent cleaning

It gets dirty easily hence there is a need for frequent cleaning to maintain its color. It easily gets dirty from lotion, water spots, and scams.

  1. Has low value

White sapphires have low value as compared to diamonds hence most people may not go for it because of its value.


White sapphire is as good as diamond only that there is a slight difference between the two. They both sparkle and are shiny but the quality of white sapphire is a bit low hence if you require long-lasting things then go for diamond as it will last longer as compared to sapphire. Anyway, sapphire can also last long but it has a high maintenance cost. So it requires an individual to choose wisely.

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