26 Honest Pros and Cons of Video Games

Video games are output graphics to an external video display such as cathode ray tube. They are sports that take place on a computer.

The games improve coordination, problem-solving skills, attention and concentration and also enhances memory. They are simple games and they provide feedback at the end of the game.

pros and cons of video games

Pros of Video Games

  1. It provides exercise

The video games make the players be active and this makes them utilize the sugar they take in hence they are able to remain physically fit hence it gives the players the opportunity to exercise.

  1. Work skills

The Federation of the American Scientists argues that children really need to play video games for them to be competitive in the job market. The skills they acquire as a result of the games they are helpful when it comes to the job market.

  1. It improves brain functioning

It improves the ability of the players to reason and find solutions to problems. Those who play the games are able to process information quickly and can also multi-task. It also improves eye coordination.

  1. It teaches children life skills

Many video games teach children how to work as a team, collaboration and division of tasks. This will enable children to grow up knowing that they need to work with others in order for them to come out as victors.

  1. It improves learning

Video games can be used in the classroom to facilitate learning. Games allow students to apply what is learnt in a real-life situation and this may help them to relate what they learn to real-life and transfer the knowledge learnt.

  1. It may reduce bully

The children who play video games may not be bullies as they learn how to act the characters well and this may make them accept the fact that in life you can either win or lose hence not easily bully others.

  1. It can reduce stress

When children play video games, they will concentrate on the games and this will make them not to think of the issues affecting them in life so much hence the amount of adrenalin stimulated in their bodies will reduce which will eventually reduce the amount of stress they have.

  1. It reduces cravings

When children play the games a lot they will not have time to concentrate on the vices and this will make them not to have the urge to go for the things hence it will minimize cravings.

  1. It improves decision-making skills

As the games speed up brain functioning, they make the player to think of the rationale decisions to make hence the individual is able to make decisions which are rationale.

  1. It improves balance in patients with nerve disorders

Patients who have a disorder in nerves can improve their balance through video games. Those who play games with physical interaction while standing on balance board improve their balance.

  1. They slow down the ageing process

Those people who play video games may end up ageing slowly as they have increased cognitive functioning and this assists their brain to remain active for long.

  1. It makes children more active

Children who are used to playing video games are more active compared to those who do not play the games. This is because they need to engage all the senses while playing and this improves their reasoning levels.

  1. It may improve leadership skills in the player

As children play together, there will be one who will be controlling them and this may make the child develop his or her leadership skills as it starts as early as when he or she is a child.

  1. Improves the player’s vision

When the children with eye defects play video games under moderated light, they may be able to improve their vision as the recent studies say so.

  1. It helps people overcome dyslexia

People who suffer from dyslexia can improve their condition by playing video games. The children have been able to overcome attention difficulties as the games have constantly changing environments that require focus hence improving the condition.

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Cons of Video Games

  1. Social replacement

When children really get into the video games, they will not have time to relate with others and this will push them to only relate to the game which will be replaced by their friends. This may affect their social life.

  1. Addiction

Children may be addicted to the game whereby it may reach a time when they cannot do without the game and this may affect them negatively as they will not be able to think of something else they can do.

  1. Violence

Some children may turn out to be violent as a result of violent video games they play. This may make them hurt others as they may want to try out the skills they watch on the games.

  1. Behavioural and mental changes

Video games may make the children change their behaviour and even their mind as a result of what they play. This is because they may want to think the same way the game is and act like that.

  1. Poor academic performance

The children who are really into the video games may perform poorly in class as they may not have any other time to concentrate on books. They will only have time to play the video games forgetting they also need to look into their books hence poor academic performance.

  1. It contributes to laziness

The children who play the games may become lazy not even to move around and this may result in weight gain which may turn out to some diseases like obesity.

  1. It may affect the eyesight

Too much of the games may make children start having eye problem as they take a long time looking at the screen which emits some rays to their eyes hence eye problems.

  1. It may lead to a rise in criminals

As the children play a lot of video games they may develop the skills the watch on the screen and this may make them grow up knowing they can use crime as a source of living.

  1. It may increase depression and anxiety

When a child plays video games more, he or she may have depression or anxiety as the child may be losing every now and then which may make him or she have depression.

  1. Violent video games allow players to release stress and anger

When children are stressed up then they play video games, the amount of stress may reduce and this may make them to get into real-world aggressively. When they go to the world aggressively they may do things that are contrary to society.

  1. Provides an opportunity for children to explore virtually

The games are played on the screen and the violent games give the players the opportunity to explore virtually as they learn that some games are violent and dangerous.

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Video games have a role in the development of children. They improve their brain development as they are able to think very fast and take the next move. However, the drawbacks have to be looked into so that we cannot raise a generation that is violent as it may affect society negatively.

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