Pros and Cons of Vehicle Transport

This is where a vehicle is used as the mode of transport. Vehicles include buses, cars, Lorries and vans. They both require an engine for them to move. Mostly, people use vehicles for transport because they are readily available and comparatively cheap compared to other means of transport.

The vehicles are not easy to acquire but most people manage to use the public means hence it is not a must for someone to buy a vehicle in order to travel by it.

Pros and Cons of Vehicle Transport

Pros of Vehicle Transport

  1. Saves time

Vehicle transport is faster compared to other means of transport such as the use of carts and human porterage. As a result, people opt for vehicles as they can reach their destinations within a short time.

  1. They are flexible

With vehicle transport, someone may decide to travel earlier or later as they do not follow fixed schedules as opposed to some means of transport such as train and aeroplane.

  1. Easy to construct roads

Vehicles move on roads and these roads are easier to construct compared to other means of transport. This is the reason as to why there are many people who use vehicles for transport as compared to air and railway.

  1. Requires professionals

For someone to be referred to as a driver needs some qualifications. He or she should go to a driving school to acquire the knowledge on how to drive a vehicle and thereafter be given a driving license from the government before he or she is allowed to drive on the roads.

  1. They carry a relative large number of people

Vehicles such as buses they carry a large number of people hence can transport so many people at a time compared to the use of carts.

Cons of Vehicle Transport

  1. Noise and air pollution

When vehicles are being driven they produce some smoke and make some noise especially if the exhaust pipe has a mechanical breakdown hence causing both air and noise pollution.

  1. Relatively expensive

Vehicles require fuel for them to run. The fuel needs to be purchased from a petrol station hence if someone owns a vehicle and cannot afford to buy the fuel then he or she will not be able to use the vehicle as a means of transport. On the same note it is not that cheap to acquire the vehicle itself.

  1. Cause congestion

Many vehicles on the road cause road congestion which really delays people using the mode of transport. This is caused by many people owning vehicles and the roads are few and of poor quality thus people have to drive through that part that is good.

  1. Accidents

As there are many vehicles then people are very reckless with driving in that they drive not keeping in mind that other people may also be using the same roads hence accidents being experienced every now and then.

  1. Un roadworthy vehicles

There are many vehicles that are driven on the roads that do not need to be there. This makes it easy for accidents to occur on the roads every now and then.


Vehicles are relatively cheap means of transport then it is the most used means of transport especially in developing countries. They are better means as compared to the use of carts or human porterage that used to be there a long time ago when the vehicles had not been invented.

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