Pros and Cons of Using Computers

Computers are electronic devices for processing and storing data. They are instructed to carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations automatically through computer programing. The programs enable the computers to carry out an extremely wide range of tasks.

It can either be a laptop, a desktop, a tablet or even a mobile phone that is installed with a program. Their speed is very high, they are accurate, they are versatile and have large storage ability hence once the data has been stored it can easily be retrieved and used at a future date.

Pros and Cons of Using Computers

Pros of Using Computers

  1. High speed

A computer processes data at a high speed hence they are used in most companies as they make the work not to be delayed hence the company becomes efficient.

  1. Multitasking

A computer has various uses such as arithmetic, processing of data, can be used to take photographs, they can be used to watch a movie. They perform various functions hence when they are bought someone can use them for more than one purpose.

  1. Accuracy

When working out sums, the computers give accurate figures and hence they make businesses not make mistakes such as giving a lot of change or less change to the customers.

  1. Increase productivity

When someone understands how to use a computer will be more productive as he or she will be able to store, edit, share and even print documents using the computer.

  1. Stores large amount of information

Computers have large storage capacities and this makes it possible for a business not to have a lot of books saving space in the business entity.

  1. Easy to be connected

When there is Wi-Fi then the user can easily be connected with others and can easily send documents to people through email at without necessarily having to walk to where the people are.

  1. Able to earn through the computers

The user of the computer may sell things online by having online stores. There is also a possibility of doing freelancing which will make the user earn some money hence it can also act as a source of employment.

Cons of Using Computers

  1. Can cause an eye problem

When someone uses the computer very much he or she may end up having eye problems. This is caused by the light that is on the screen reflecting too much in the eyes of the users hence it can cause eye problems.

  1. Too much sitting

While working on the computer, the user has to sit and too much of it may cause back problems on the user which will be disadvantageous.

  1. Easy to lose privacy

There are some malicious people that may hack all your accounts and get information about you and they can easily steal from you hence it is not good to store all the important information on the computer.

  1. Source of distractions

As computers make someone more productive, they can be distracted easily by other advertisements hence losing track of the main thing that was to be done on the computer.

  1. Negative impact on the environment

When the computers get destroyed, they have no specific places that they can be dumped and they are not degradable hence they can cause a lot of harm to the environment.

  1. Reduces jobs

Work that was previously done by human beings is done by the computers hence making the people not have a job.


With the increasing technology, computers have taken the better part of the world and many businesses prefer the use of computers other than manual work.

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