Pros and Cons of Transit Advertisement

A transit advertisement is where an advertisement is placed in or on public means of transport. Advertisements can be placed anywhere either on the sides of buses, trains, taxis or even in bus stations.

This means of advertising only captures those people who use public means of transport so they can be disadvantageous to those who use private means of transport.

Pros of Transit Advertisements

  1. It costs less

As compared to billboards as a means of advertisement, it is cheaper because information may be written on a piece of paper and be placed in the public means of transport which is not necessarily as big as billboards.

  1. It can reach a large group of people

Most people use public means and this may make it possible for the information to reach very many people at once.

  1. Exposure

When doing transit advertisement the information will highly be exposed to people as it will be there for a long time hence it is possible for people to notice it.

  1. Frequency

As people use public means of transport every day hence they will come in contact with the advertisement until the people decide to go for the product hence an effective way of advertising products.

  1. Covers the large geographical area

Public transport carries people to very many places and this will enable people from a large area to know about the product hence the means of advertising can really reach very many people.

Cons of Transit Advertisements

  1. Some people may not be interested in reading

Some people who use public means may not really be interested in reading the posters that have been placed in public vehicles hence it is not easy for the information to get targeted consumers.

  1. Some vehicles do not allow the posters to be put in the vehicles or stations

Some vehicle companies prohibit the habit of the companies putting posters on or in their vehicles hence this may hinder its means of transport.

  1. Lack of image in the advertisement

When advertising through public means of transport, there is a possibility that the vehicles are not going to carry the image of the company hence the company may not really get customers from this means of advertisement.

  1. The mood of the audience

The audience may not really have that good mood to receive the information on the poster hence they will not receive it in the right way which may end up sometimes spoiling the business of the company.

  1. Misinterpretation of the information

The information on the posters may be misinterpreted as the reader may not really trust that it is a certain company that placed that kind of advertisement there and may also not really have clear information about the product hence difficult for them to buy the product due to misinterpretation of the information.


Advertising through transit is not really a good method of advertising a product as the company may not really get good results from this.

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