Pros and Cons of Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are an exhibition in which businesses in a particular industry promote their goods and services. In trade fairs, there are direct sales to the customers and this enhances the relationship with existing customers and starts a relationship with new customers.

The clients are also educated through trade fairs as the industry is able to do some demonstrations with their products hence the trust in customers is really strengthened.

Pros and Cons of Trade Fairs

Pros of Trade Fairs

  1. Sales opportunities

When companies do trade fairs, they normally educate the targeted clients about the product and that will attract many customers to the stand and in the end the customers will buy the product hence acts as an opportunity to make sales.

  1. Brand awareness

Trade fairs make the company make its brand awareness to the customers. The stands are normally placed in an area that is strategic hence many customers will be able to get to the stand and that will make them aware of the brand that is in the market.

  1. Face to face meeting with clients

Through trade fairs then the company will be able to meet face to face with the clients and this may be easier to convince them to buy the product hence beneficial to the company.

  1. New products in the market

Trade fairs are very good for a company that needs to launch new products. This will enable the company to attract many people to their stand hence able to know the existence of the product in the market which will make them eventually start buying the product.

  1. Good avenues for networking

With the trade fairs, the company will meet the potential customers and will know about their competitors hence the information will assist them to know where to improve leading to the production of high-quality goods that are going to compete favorably in the market.

Cons of Trade Fairs

  1. High competition

There is a possibility that the competitors will also be using trade fairs to increase their market then it forces the company to really invest in it so that it may stand out and attract many clients.

  1. Highly costly

For a company to organize for trade fairs it really needs a lot of money hence it may be highly costly in terms of finances especially to the company that is launching the product.

  1. Low turnouts

There is no guarantee that in trade fairs there will be high turn up. The company may run at a loss in case it really invested in the trade fair then finally the turn up is low.

  1. No guarantee of positive results

The company may organize for trade fairs which may, in the end, have negative results. It is not really a good method of promoting the product because the resources that may be used to organize the trade fair may not bring the returns hence the loss.


Trade fairs are good but a company should not really expect positive returns as it may turn out negative especially for new companies. The companies that have been in the market for long may outshine the new companies.

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