Pros and Cons of Theocracy

Theocracy is a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or god. They give divine guidance to human intermediaries that manage the day to day affairs of the government. An example of a country ruled by theocracy is the Vatican.

The rulers first serve the god of their religion then serve the citizens later. The rulers are generally part of the clergy of the religion and are not chosen by popular votes.

Pros and Cons of Theocracy

Pros of Theocracy

  1. It does not allow strict adherence to rules and formalities

The governance revolves around the state and the church and it cannot allow other rules and formalities to be adhered to in the country. This becomes impossible to effect change as the rules will not be allowed to be changed by the rulers.

  1. Easy to control the citizens

It will be easier to control the citizens as this will instill fear in them hence there will be no cases of crimes as the citizens will fear breaking the laws.

  1. It can create more unity from a global perspective

It considers a global perspective and this makes it possible to maintain unity among many nations as the country will not like to differ with the neighbors.

  1. Easy to implement directives

As the people from the public fear the rules In the name of God, it may be easy to implement new rules in the country using the name of God.

  1. Easier to create social reforms

When people are united under one church and one government, they will be able to work together without discrimination hence creating social reforms.

  1. Easy to find compromises within the majority

It brings the majority of the country together. This creates harmony among the members of the public over the problems that they are facing hence easier for the government to compromise with them.

  1. It brings unity and patriotism

Members of the public will be united and they will be able to defend their country at any cost hence unity and patriotism.

  1. Easy to fund projects

The government will find it easy to fund the projects and as a result, there may be economic improvement in the country.

  1. Efficient in its operation

As the government will not be having any opposition, it will be able to operate efficiently as it will have an easier time dealing with the members of the public.

Cons of Theocracy

  1. It sees people as capable of making mistakes

The government thinks that people are capable of making mistakes and so it needs to put strict rules so that people may fear to make mistakes due to the punishment they may face.

  1. People must be converted for them to be leaders

People who want to be leaders must be ready to be converted into that religion so that they may lead according to the doctrines of the religion. If not so, they may face severe punishment which may make people go into hiding places.

  1. It discourages innovation

Something that is contrary to the religion cannot be approved and this may make the scientists not to come up with innovations that may be helpful to society. This will make the economy of the country not to improve as they will not come up with something new to improve the standards of living of people in society.

  1. It may be viewed as hypocritical

The theocratic government cannot allow its citizens to go into war with their neighbors that may be hurting them because of religious policies and the citizens may view the government as being hypocritical as they will not do that because of the religious policies.

  1. It allows intolerance

People will not be able to question the leaders as they are part and parcel of religion so questioning them will be like questioning the supernatural beings of which it is not accepted by the religious policies.

  1. Not easy to recognize the minorities

If someone does not conform to the religious policies then he or she may not be noticed and his or her welfare may not be dealt with well as the government belongs to the majority.

  1. It allows imitation

People who need to be leaders in such countries will be converted for them to be leaders but in a real sense, they may not be for the issue of the religion hence they will just imitate others how it is supposed to be done.

  1. Businesses must operate under the theocratic laws

This will not allow business people to sell things that are against the religion hence it may pull the economy of the country down as the country will not benefit from trading in the goods that are not allowed.

  1. Facts do not matter is a theocratic government

Anyone who tries to bring in facts will be seen as going against the laws of the country even if they are for the benefit of the citizens hence the country will not improve its economy.


The idea of theocracy is considered when there are many challenges in the country. The argument should be based on religious facts to help save certain situations. Going toward theocracy should not be done when the country is frustrated as the leaders of religion will take advantage of it to rise into power.


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