Pros and Cons of Television Advertisement

A television advertisement is a span of television programming produced and paid by an organization to air the product or the services being offered.

It conveys the message to the audience and aims at promoting business. The advertisement is normally humorous and the simple and upbeat of the storyline makes the audience to keep on remember the product. The companies may also use animations to advertise.

Pros of Television Advertisement

  1. Attracts the audience

Advertisement through the television is normally attractive and appealing to the audience hence it is easy for the audience to know more about the product or the service being provided by the company.

  1. They use both sound and sight effects

Through television advertisements, the audience is able to use both the sight and the hearing senses hence it is easy for someone to coordinate getting the right information about the product. As compared to radio the listener may not really concentrate on the advertisement because he or she cannot see the one advertising.

  1. It covers a wider area

As many people own televisions, the advertisement may get to many people hence making them aware of the product in the market.

  1. Viewers may develop trust

Through television advertisements, many viewers may develop trust in the company as they are able to see as well as hear what the advertiser is saying hence it is possible for the audience to know much about the product hence can go for it in the long run.

Cons of Television Advertisement

  1. It is expensive

Televisions are expensive to acquire and on the same note they need a source of power for them to run and they also need a device that makes it link to the television stations hence all these costs may be expensive hence not easy for the information to get to all people.

  1. No guarantee that the advertisement will be viewed

Sometimes the viewer may be far or is committed somewhere else hence there is no guarantee that the advertisement may be viewed by the targeted audience hence the information may not really get to the intended people.

  1. It is not cheap to advertise through television

As opposed to radio, it is very expensive to advertise through television hence it may be costly to the company making them run at a loss.

  1. It needs repetition

For an advertisement through television to be effective, it needs to be repeated every now and then.  That means that the company will have to cater to the cost every time the advertisement is repeated which will be too costly to the company.

  1. Not easy to change in case of a mistake

When advertising through the television it is not easy to change the information in case there was a mistake made in the beginning. To change the advert it requires editing the whole film which may be costly and also confusing the customers making them lose trust in the advertisement.


It is not easy to advertise through the television as it requires a long process although it is a better means of advertisement as compared to a radio advertisement.


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