Pros and Cons of Telephones

Telephones are a means of communication whereby voices are transmitted over a long distance using wire or radio. It is most preferred when the parties involved are far apart.

This means of communication it can at times be convenient but sometimes it may turn up to be inconvenient when the receiver is not near.

Pros and Cons of Telephones

Pros of Telephones

  1. Less expensive

As compared to face to face communication where individuals have to travel in order to meet it is less expensive. Parties will convey messages at the comfort of their sitting rooms. The only thing required is to top up the phone with some credit and they will be able to communicate.

  1. Distance does not hinder communication

The information can be conveyed even if the person is very far. This is because the individual only needs to have the phone and the information will be conveyed.

  1. Availability

The phone is always available with the owner hence the individuals involved only need to pick or make the call to get the information.

  1. No physical barriers

Through telephone one can reach another who is far and cannot be reached because of the physical barriers.

  1. Advanced technology

As technology advances, they come up with other applications that are useful and interesting to use. Mobile phones are designed in that they are not only used to make calls but can also be used to take photographs, make video calls and also audio calls.

  1. Easy to catch up with criminals

Through mobile tracking, it has made it easy to catch up with lawbreakers as they can be traced and legal charges to be charged in them.

  1. Used to break the boredom

Telephones have applications such as radios and games that may make someone to spend his or her leisure time well even though they are alone.

Cons of Telephones

  1. Network problem

In an area where there is a problem of network, there will be a problem when information needs to be passed. Hence this can hinder communication.

  1. Expensive

It is expensive to acquire a mobile phone hence it becomes expensive as there will be no communication between the intended individuals.

  1. Not able to see the body or facial reaction

If the mobile phone cannot make video calls, the individuals involved in communication may not really know the facial and body language of the other individual.

  1. Can easily be damaged

In case the mobile phone is damaged then it will hinder communication. The devices can easily be damaged so it is not that convenient way to communicate.

  1. Not reliable

Sometimes someone may make a call but it may happen that the receiver is not near the device that time of the call. This will lead to a missed call hence hindering the communication.

  1. Can be addictive

Some people can be addicted to mobile phones in that they cannot concentrate without using a mobile phone hence turning out to be dangerous.

  1. Avenue for criminals

Most criminals nowadays call people threatening them hence getting money from people in a wrong way.


Although the telephone is the most preferred means of communication, it has its drawbacks hence we should be very careful while using the telephones.

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