20 Huge Pros and Cons of Space Exploration

Space exploration is the use of astronomy and space technology to explore outer space. The study of space is mainly carried out by astronomers. Space exploration is done in order to address issues about our place in the universe and the history of our solar system.

When the challenges related to human space exploration are handled, it helps to advance technology and create new industries.

The scientists have gone ahead to classify the types of exploration. This is flyby, orbiter, rover and human space exploration.

Pros and Cons of Space Exploration

Pros of Space Exploration

  1. It equips us with knowledge about the universe

Through exploring the space, people have been able to discover new mysteries in life. Through this, it may be possible to get knowledge about life outside the planet earth hence human beings will be equipped with a lot of knowledge.

  1. It can be done by anyone

With the help of a telescope, anyone is in a position to explore space hence it is not limited to a few individuals.

  1. It increases cooperation

Many people come together with different perspectives about how they can study space and this makes it possible for people to cooperate as they are all working towards a common goal.

  1. It creates innovations

People are able to invent various ways of going to space and the equipment they need for them to study the space hence innovations are created.

  1. Need for adventure

Many people have died in the course of trying space flights but still, there are many who are giving their lives so that they may know what lies beyond them. All this is because of adventure.

  1. It creates employment opportunities

People are employed as space explorers and this makes it possible for them to help solve fundamental issues that are affecting our lives as humans.

  1. Easy understanding of our planet

We are able to understand how our planet operates because of space exploration and this makes us aware of things that are happening on planet earth.

  1. Possible to locate potential dangers

It has become possible for human beings to locate possible dangers that may harm them hence easy to look for protection before it happens.

  1. Access to new mineral resources

Explorers have come across new mineral resources which can be useful in other fields through space exploration hence it is beneficial to humans.

  1. Development of satellites

It has been possible for many scientists to come together and develop the satellite through the knowledge of space exploration.

  1. Improvement of technology

Technology has really improved due to space exploration as new machines are developed every now and then to allow space exploration to be fast and efficient hence improvement in technology.

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Cons of Space Exploration

  1. It creates trash around our planet

There are items on the planet that have been brought about by space travellers and satellite placement. This item cannot degrade. They need to be burnt up or they remain on the planet forever. It may be expensive to dispose of the items.

  1. Future conflicts with beings who have superior technology

Most theorists claim that when the explorers will meet the alien species there might be two possible outcomes. Either the aliens will be so advanced in technology that it has led to peaceful life or it will be aggressive and would like to have a test of the resources on our planet hence creating conflicts between the two groups.

  1. Current information about space is out of date

The information we have right now about space is assumed to have taken 40 lights which is equivalent to 40 years. This means that a lot of things have happened so we need new information for us to be sure about what exists on the space and that requires the input of resources.

  1. No need to start exploring at this time

The explorers may start using the available resources that are near first before they move further. The asteroids can be mined as raw materials to be used in the mining industry in the future before resources are invested in exploring the space.

  1. It may take a long time to reach other planets

The current exploration is being done on the asteroids and moon. The journey to other planets has not yet been done and this means that it may take longer and it may also be a one-way journey whereby the explorers may not be expected to come back.

  1. Astronauts are exposed to danger

While in space, the astronauts are exposed to dangers such as radiations that come from the sun, the weightless environment can change their physical conditioning and functioning of their body organs hence they can come back differently.

  1. It is costly

The cost of exploring the features beyond our planet is very high. The rockets that are used are very expensive to acquire and this makes it impossible for the explorers to go beyond our planet.

  1. The current technology makes it difficult to get into space

The kind of means that is used by the astronauts to get to space is very low in technology. This makes it possible for the explorers to be exposed to many dangers hence they can easily die in the process of exploring.

  1. No agreements are put in place for rich resources that may be found in space

The governments do not allow taking territories in space as many nations think that those who will be able to take territories will be accessed to many resources that may make their nations reach.

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Space exploration may be beneficial as we look at it through hope. We hope that by reaching the space we may be able to know much and transfer it to planet earth hence easy to curb certain problems that are being experienced on planet earth.

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