Pros and Cons of Social Media Advertisement

Social media advertising is online advertising through social platforms such as Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, and YouTube. It focuses on social networking sites.

The message on social media should always be focused, measurable, simple, targeted to the audience and also profitable to the advertising person or company.

Pros of Social Media Advertising

  1. Reduces marketing costs

As many people are found on social platforms, it makes marketing through social media cheap and able to reach many people easily. This makes the marketing cost to be relatively cheap as the advertising person or channel is able to reach many people at once.

  1. Promotes credibility

For a company to advertise through social media, it improves the trust and loyalty to the customers as it will be free and confident of the product being advertised hence most customers will go for the product as they will know that it is of good quality that is why the company can confidently advertise it through social media platforms.

  1. Increases awareness of the product

As many people are found on social media platforms, they will be able to know more about the product hence increasing the awareness of the product to the customers which will, in turn, make them go for the product.

  1. It is fast

Through social media, then the information is likely to reach home very fast as compared to other means of advertising. The company may reach the targeted audience as fast as many people like social media platforms.

  1. There is a big audience

On social media, there is a big audience that will be readily available to receive the information hence it is easy for the company to win some of the customers from the big audience.

  1. The conversation may take place

On social media, an intended customer may ask for information about the product and will be able to receive feedback about the product hence it is easier to converse with a client on the social media platform.

Cons of Social Media Advertising

  1. It may dilute the brand’s name

Some people on social media may give information about the brand and yet may not really be knowing it well hence making the brand appear useless to other customers.

  1. Not easy to control

When a company advertises through social media, it is not easy for them to control the message that is talked about the product hence both positive and negative information may be talked about the product.

  1. There is a need to stay engaged and active

As people use social media anytime, then the company will have to be engaged all the time and also act as there will be inquiries at any time and they need to be responded to.

  1. Low returns

There is no guarantee that those who are asking information about the product on social media will buy the product hence the company may have low returns from the advertisement.

  1. Time-consuming

For someone to give information about the social media platform is really time-consuming as he or she should be active all the time hence it takes a lot of time.


Social media advertisement can be good in that it may make the company have a lot of audiences but at the same time it is difficult to control the message that is being given or asked by specific individuals hence can at times tarnish the brand’s name. However, most people nowadays prefer to advertise their products through social media platforms.

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