Pros and Cons of S and P 500

S and P 500 is a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 500 large companies listed on the stock exchange market in the United States. It represents the stock market’s performance by reporting the risks and returns of the biggest companies.

Investors use it to benchmark the overall market in which they would like to invest in. The sector is broken down into information technology, health care, financials, communication services, consumer discretionary, industrials and energy.

Pros and Cons of S and P 500

Pros of S and P 500

  1. For long term investment

S and p 500 have been in the market for long and also the funds invested in it pay dividends hence the investors can earn profit from the shares they buy in the company.

  1. Easy for an investor to invest in

This is because every broker provides index fund that tracks s and p 500 company hence an average investor can invest in the company.

  1. It the standard by which other approaches are judged

S and p 500 have standards on which investors use them to compare other companies hence it is the best to invest in.

  1. It competes with top companies such as ETF

This gives it an advantage as the managers of most mutual funds try to beat it hence its standards are high and they are admired by other companies.

  1. Offer good returns

When an investor invests in the company for a long time, he or she can get good returns hence it attracts many investors.

  1. They are diversified

This makes their risks to be spread hence an investor may not lose his or her money when investing in the company.

  1. Low fees

They charge low fees on the investment made by the investors making most people prefer to invest with them.

Cons of S and P 500

  1. It does not predict the future time

S and p 500 companies do not predict the future time and this makes it difficult for the investors who would like to invest for a short period to invest in the companies.

  1. Lower risk methods to generate inflation-beating returns

S and p 500 companies have low methods that they use when there is inflation to beat the returns and this makes the investors think that it may take longer for them to curb inflation that affects the prices of the shares.

  1. High-risk tolerance

The companies may have a downfall for many years before they come at the top hence those with high-risk tolerance are the ones who can best invest with the company. It discourages those who may want to sell their shares after a short time of investment as they will not earn profit from the saved amount.

  1. It allows companies with large capital

This may make the investors whose companies have lower capital not to invest in them as terms and conditions will discourage them. The companies with large capital have much influence than companies with small capital.

  1. The index does not provide enough exposure to small companies

The small companies will be disadvantaged as they will not have enough exposure to the information on the stock market as compared to large companies.


S and p 500 company is a good company to invest in if the investment is for long term goals as the investor will be able to earn dividends on the investment after a long time. It is only favorable to large companies as it will provide enough exposure to the market.

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