Pros and Cons of Renewable Resources

Renewable resources are resources that can be used repeatedly and can be replaced once they are over. They almost never run out. They include oxygen, solar energy, water, and biomass.

They capable of being regenerated and are always available for use.

pros and cons of renewable resources

Pros of Renewable Resources

  1. Easy to maintain

It is easy to maintain renewable resources as most of them are readily available and provided naturally. This is because the generating technology of solar panels and wind turbines it is easy as they do not have a lot of movable parts that need a lot of maintenance.s

  1. They save money

The user of these resources enables the person to save both on maintenance costs and operating costs. This is because they do not need to be refueled for them to work hence enabling the user to save a lot.

  1. They do not pollute the environment

Renewable resources have little impact on the environment as they do not produce fumes that may be harmful to the environment hence they are most preferred by the nation as they do not harm either crops or animals.

  1. Lower reliance on foreign resources

As renewable resources are found locally they lower reliance on resources from other countries. This makes the country save a lot as they are able to use the money in other sectors of the economy hence countries are encouraged to really make use of natural resources.

  1. They do not run out

When using renewable resources, they do not run out and this makes it affordable for many nations as they will constantly have the supply of the resources.

Cons of Renewable Resources

  1. Geographical limitations

Some countries do not receive sunlight because of their geographical location. This makes it hard for them to benefit from solar energy as they will not be able to utilize the panels to tap the energy from the sun.

  1. Storage capacities

It is difficult to have a large storage capacity of renewable resources hence it can only be stored in small amounts that will not really be used later by the user.

  1. They are not available throughout the year

Some of these resources cannot be found in an area throughout the year and this hinders its production and usage. There are seasons when there is sun hence it will be useful only that time but when it is not there then it is impossible for it to be used.

  1. Relatively costly

The cost of utilizing these sources of resources is relatively high as it is expensive to purchase for the machines that need to convert the sun or wind into useful resources. It also requires skilled people for them to be worked on and ensure that the energy is flowing hence they are a little bit expensive.


Renewable resources have more benefits to human beings than the disadvantages. Most people are being encouraged to use these kinds of resources as they do more good to the environment than bad. If we adopt the usage of these resources we shall make the environment very conducive for both plants and animals to live in.

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