Pros and Cons of Recycling

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials to new materials and objects. The ability of a material to be recycled depends on the property it had in its virgin state. It saves materials from being disposed of after the initial use.

Recycling reduces energy conservation, environmental pollution, slows the rate of resource depletion, fights global warming, and reduces landfill wastes and high-up front costs.

Pros and Cons of Recycling

Pros of Recycling

  1. Environmental friendly

Recycling is friendly to the environment in that the materials that may not decompose are made use into other usable items hence they are not thrown all over polluting the environment.

  1. Creates job opportunities

The recycling companies will be created and they will need labor in the companies hence there will need to employ people to work in the companies hence creating employment opportunities.

  1. Reduces the energy used to manufacture goods

The energy that is used to manufacture new goods is a lot as compared to the energy that will be needed to recycle the materials hence the energy will be invested in other areas.

  1. Raises environmental consciousness

Recycling will raise consciousness to people that they do not need to dispose of everything in the environment as some may be useful to make other important products that they can use hence the environment will be clean.

  1. Conserves natural resources

Natural resources such as timbre may be conserved hence reducing the effect of global warming which is harmful to human beings.

  1. Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills

There will be a little amount of waste that will be disposed of as most of the materials will be made into useful products and used again by people.

  1. Increases economic security

This is done by tapping domestic sources of materials. The materials are made into useful products that will be used by human beings hence economic security.

  1. Saves energy

The energy that is required in recycling is little as compared to the energy that is used initially hence the energy will be saved and used for other purposes.

Cons of Recycling

  1. It is costly

The cost of recycling outweighs the benefits so many people prefer to buy something new than to recycle the used product as it will benefit them a little.

  1. It leads to pollution

Recycling requires some chemicals to be added into the mixture for it to come out useful hence the chemicals may spill to the environment causing pollution to the surrounding.

  1. It requires energy

Recycling takes energy as it is used in the manufacturing of the products hence there is very little that is saved when recycling takes place.

  1. Good products are not guaranteed

The products got from recycling can be of low quality hence there is no guarantee that the products that are recycled are of good quality.

  1. It is ineffective

Generally, recycling is ineffective as more energy will be used in the production of the products of which they will not come out as the original products.

  1. Requires strict and more implementation

To recycle products requires strict rules and procedures to be followed for the product to come out useful and of better quality. Once the process is messed up then they are bound to get the worst results.


Many people agree that recycling does well to the environment and reduces the amount of disposing of the lands. If the drawbacks are dealt with in good order, then recycling can be of better use to human beings.

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