Pros and Cons of Radio Calls

Radio call is a unique designation for a transmitter station. It is used if an operator would like to send a message which is urgent. Radio is a sightless and wireless medium which makes it be regarded as a blind medium.

The performer and the caller always have to imagine each other during the conversation.

Pros and Cons of Radio Calls

Pros of Radio Calls

  1. Covers a large area

The radio calls have a large coverage area. When making a radio call one can receive information from someone who is very far from him or her.

  1. Able to operate over standard IP networks

As the radio can operate over standard IP networks, then it makes it possible for someone to make a call regardless of the network issues in the area.

  1. It carries a high amount of data

The radios are designed in a way that they can carry a high amount of data which will enable it to carry a lot of information. It also contains a good voice.

  1. Very reliable

The radio has a high reputation for reliability. This is because it is not affected by the network issues hence good devices to be used in case of emergency.

  1. Safe to use

They are associated with public safety because their security systems are well developed. The military can use them because of their voice and data transmission which is very good.

Cons of Radio Calls

  1. They use a lot of power

High power mobile radios use high power which makes them be fitted with big batteries. That is why they normally look big making them uncomfortable for people to carry from one place to another.

  1. Inefficient sometimes

A professional organization is sometimes needed to find available frequencies for the calls to be efficient. The spectrum is sometimes reduced in order to squeeze more users into limited spectrum making the transmission to be poor.

  1. Not good for video calls

The device has a low capacity to streamline video calls so it makes it hard for people using to make video calls. They are always allowed to carry another device that will support them.

  1. Not accessible to everyone

The radios are always not available to many. They are mostly used by the police officers because of its designation. That is because it can hold a high amount of data and voice calls that are always made by the police officers.


The radio calls are advantageous to police offers since they are required to give information even from the areas that are rugged hence they are of great help to them. They are also secretive since the spectrum is sometimes reduced only allowing few people to use them.

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