Pros and Cons of Publicity

Publicity is the act of giving information about someone, product or services in order to advertise it. Publicity normally contains the meaning, various media, objectives, control of producer and the cost of the product being advertised.

Pros and Cons of Publicity

Pros of Publicity

  1. It offers a word of mouth communication

With publicity, the salesperson is able to pass the information about the product or service through word of mouth which is more reliable as the person is able to get immediate feedback. He is also able to convince the customer which may turn out to be positive hence boosting sales.

  1. Awareness to people

When the company does publicity is able to make the product be known by the customers hence they may turn out for the product increasing the sales of the company or the brand.

  1. Offers credibility

Through publicity, the company is able to benefit from credibility whereby the customers will really have trust in the company and will be able to believe that their products are of high quality hence easy to get a lot of market from the public hence boosting its sales.

  1. Able to be endorsed by the media

The media is able to approve the company or the brand by saying the goodness of their product and referring people to the company hence improving the sales of that company.

  1. Improved relations with employees

When a brand decides to use publicity as a means of advertising, then it will be possible that its relationship with the employees has to be good so that they may equally talk well about the product.

Cons of Publicity

  1. Timing and accuracy

It is very difficult to advertise a product at a certain time when the information will be able to reach the intended consumers. It may happen either when the consumers are very busy or are not near the source hence difficult to deliver information.

  1. Damage brand association

The advertisement may be made by someone has bad intention hence easy to damage the association of the brand to the consumers which may make the company close down the business because people will no longer be interested in the product.

  1. Loss of trust

Bad publicity may make the intended customers lose trust in the brand and in the long run, they may not really go for the product which will affect its sales negatively.

  1. Effects on sales

When the media gives bad publicity to a certain commodity or brand, it is bound to experience negative effects on sales which will make it not to benefit from it hence running at a loss.

  1. Long term damage

The brand can suffer long term damage to the brand in case of bad publicity hence it may end up affecting the running of the business which can eventually lead to closure as people will no longer be going for the product.


Publicity will only be beneficial if the brand is experiencing good publicity. If it is bad then the brand will really suffer the consequences which can even lead to the closure of the business.

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