Pros and Cons of Public Relations

Public relations is a state of the relationship between an individual, a company or an organization with the members of the public. Public relations promote the brand of a commodity, it strengthens the relationship with the community and also builds up the brand image.

Public relations deal with all levels of activities and it is a continuous process as it should continue supporting the brand of the image hence making the image appear good in the eyes of the consumers.

pros and cons of public relations

Pros of Public Relations

  1. Able to reach a wide market

A good report about a certain brand can be picked by various people through different avenues and this may make the brand to be known all over because of its good image hence it can boost the sale of the brand making the company gain profit in the long run.

  1. It has a great influence

Members of the public can trust a message coming from an objective source other than the advertising messages that have been paid for because the advertising media may be paid so that it spreads good information about the brand.

  1. Relatively cheap

Public relation can be relatively cheap to reach large audience as it is mostly done in the house whereby the company has a good relationship with members of the public and it is able to make a lot of sales through that other than paying an advertising media so that it can spread information about the brand.

  1. It has high credibility

Through public relation, a brand is able to win the trust of the consumers and make them believe the brand is good hence they will always prefer the brand without necessarily the company going out to advertise it and this makes it earn a lot of sales which in turn makes it get profit as there were no expenses that were met in the course of advertising the brand.

Cons of Public Relations

  1. Difficult to evaluate

With public relations, it is difficult for a company to evaluate the impact of its relation to the public and may at some time make the company not really make a lot of sales from it.

  1. No guarantee of results

A company may spend its time and money speaking to the journalists but at the end, the journalists may not really publish the story which will make it difficult to reach the intended people and at the end, it will be a poor return on investments as it will not be able to benefit the company.

  1. Difficult to control the message

Unlike through other means of advertising, the message will be aired to the public at the requested time hence it will be easy for the company to control it but with public relations, the message is difficult to be controlled by the company.

  1. It requires special skills

For it to be done effectively, then skilled people are needed so that they may know how to deal with the members of the public and how they can control the media and content of the message that is being aired.


Public relations is relatively cheap but for it to bring returns it requires some investment to it. Most companies do not prefer it as they look at it as a waste of time and money. Although when it is done in the right way it is the best way of making the brand to be known.

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