Pros and Cons of Private Prisons

Private prisons are places where people are imprisoned by a third party that is contracted by a government agency. The contracts may be of a facility, design, construction, and operations. Its aim is to make money for a corporation and its shareholders. It also saves the taxpayers money in the incarceration of prisoners or detainees.

The main difference with the public prisons is the money that is paid for the facility by the people who have violated laws. They are run by private third-party companies rather than the government.

Pros and Cons of Private Prisons

Pros of Private Prisons

  1. They provide employment opportunities

Private prisons do hire a large staff so that they may provide better services compared to public prisons. This makes it possible for them to provide employment opportunities to many people hence they are able to improve their standards.

  1. Easy to control the population

Overcrowding of prisons is the major reason that has led to the emergence of private prisons. As private prisons accommodate those who can pay for them, then it limits the number of people to be detained there hence it is easy to control the population as the wardens will have a few numbers of people to deal with.

  1. It saves the government’s money

Those people in private prisons will pay and the money will be used to provide for them the services that they need and this makes the government save money that could have been used to provide the services to the people in the private prisons.

  1. They have a low operating cost

It is cheaper to provide services to people in private prisons because the numbers are low as compared to public prisons where there are a lot of people.

  1. Better conditions

People who are put in private prisons enjoy the privileges of being in better conditions as compared to those in public prisons hence those who can afford to pay to prefer to be put in private prisons.

  1. The facility can be used for various purposes

If the need for the prison is no longer there, then the community can use the facility for other purposes hence it will not be a waste of facility.

Cons of Private Prisons

  1. high chances of corruption

In private prisons, there are high chances that the prisoner may bribe the lawyers and the wardens and they are able to go scot-free even after committing a crime and this encourages injustice whereby the complainant will not be able to continue with the case.

  1. Poor conditions

Some private prisons have poor conditions in that the prisoner still are not in better condition as they are expected and that discourages more people from using private prisons.

  1. Inadequate security

There is little or lack of security in the private prisons and this makes the prisoner feel they can easily be hurt either by others or the complainant can find his or her way there making the place to be insecure.

  1. Lack of cost-effectiveness

The charges that are put on the services that are provided in the prisons are not worthy and this leads to many people not to use the prisons as they take it as being robbed of their money.

  1. Prisoners may stay longer in the prisons

As the conditions in private prisons are better, this may make the prisoners stay long as they do not feel the pressure of being released.

  1. More violent

This results in the case where the prisoner has low staff hence the guarding of the prisoners is not effectively done.

  1. They can be far away from the families

The prisons may be located far away from the family members hence when a prisoner is taken there, then the family members will have the challenge of visiting the prisoner.

  1. Low employee wages

Those who are employed to work in private prisons get low wages as compared to those who work in public prisons hence it leads to many people resigning the job.


Private prisons can be beneficial to the community as many people will be employed and they will be able to earn a living. The conditions are also better as compared to public prison hence people may not be accessed to contraction of diseases that may result from overcrowding hence they are better places only if the drawbacks can be looked in to encourage more people to use the prisons.

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