Pros and Cons of Photocopying

Photocopying is a process of making other copies of a document using a photocopier machine.

The copies are made on a piece of paper and can either be visual or other images.

Plain papers have to be fed in the tray of the photocopier machine and then the original document has to be there then the person instructs the machine the number of copies needed.

Pros and Cons of Photocopying

Pros of Photocopying

  1. It is convenient and fast

While using a photocopier machine, it easier to get copies of the original document and it works very fast hence making work easier as the work that could have been done by the human being for a long time is done very fast using the machine.

  1. Increases functionality

In many businesses functionality has been improved through the use of photocopier machines as they have improved the efficiency of the employees in the companies. It makes work to be done efficiently and avoids delaying paperwork in a business.

  1. Cheap and quick

Someone can make copies of a document quickly and cheaply as the person can produce as many copies as possible within a very short period.

  1. Allows both side printing

This makes it economical as one can use one piece of paper to print the information on both sides and hence the business may use a few papers to photocopy a lot of information.

  1. Availability of digital photocopiers

This allows the user to scan the document as we as photocopy it. It offers the services of scanning which can make it easier for the document to be sent to someone using the internet through the email hence it is used to produce both soft copy and hard copy documents.

Cons of Photocopying

  1. The photocopiers are very big

For someone to have a photocopier then there must be enough space for it to be put in an office. They occupy a lot of space hence the building has to have space for them to be put in an area and be used.

  1. The photocopiers are expensive

It is expensive to acquire a photocopier machine hence it needs for someone to use a lot of resources for him or her to acquire the machine.

  1. High maintenance cost

It is very expensive to maintain a photocopying machine as it needs toner which is very expensive to buy and it also needs a blower so that it may be cleaned now and then which is very expensive to maintain it.

  1. Noise pollution

While using a photocopy machine, it normally produces a lot of noise which is a nuisance to some people.

  1. Creates unemployment

Work that can be done by a human being is done by the machine hence there is no need for someone to be employed to do the work hence unemployment.

  1. It requires skilled people to operate

The machines need people with skills on how to operate them hence it makes the office have someone who can operate the machine.


Photocopying has made work easy as people can get copies of the original document fast and make it possible for someone to retain the original document for it to be used in the future.

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