Pros and Cons of Personal Selling

Personal selling is a way in which a person who is the salesperson tries to convince the customers to buy the product. It is a face to face interaction where the involved parties will have a dialogue and in the long run, agree or disagree with each other on the given information.

With personal selling, someone is able to get immediate feedback which will also assist him or her know the areas he or she needs to improve on so that they may get a lot of customers for their products.

Pros and Cons of Personal Selling

Pros of Personal Selling

  1. More persuasive form of marketing

With personal selling, the salesman may use all the persuasive words to win the customer. This way of marketing may make someone buy the commodity even when he did not intend but because of the language, they may buy hence making a lot of sales.

  1. Immediate feedback

While using personal selling, the salesperson will be able to know if the customer is going to take the good or not hence it gives immediate feedback.

  1. Helps the customer that cannot be reached through other forms

Some customers cannot be reached through any other form apart from the salesperson going to look for them personally hence easy to get the customers.

  1. Helps build trust with the customers

While talking to the customers, the salesman is able to build trust in the customers by using persuasive language to convince them hence the trust is built.

  1. It provides detailed information

The salespersons are normally equipped with a lot of information about the product they are selling hence able to give the information to the customer.

  1. Costs can be adjusted

Personal selling allows the bargaining to take place hence the price of the product can be lowered and as a result, the customer may buy the product.

Cons of Personal Selling

  1. Labor intensive

As personal selling is a very persuasive form of marketing, the salesperson needs to do a lot of talking to convince the customer hence labor-intensive.

  1. Can only reach a limited number

The salesperson can only be able to meet a few people in a day as he or she needs to do one on one talking to make sales hence it does not really yield to a lot of sales.

  1. Time-consuming

It is not easy for someone to talk and be able to convince the customers within a short time for them to buy the product. This can take a lot of time just convincing one person hence really time-consuming.

  1. Relatively costly

For the salesperson to meet the targeted group he or she has to travel from one place to another which will require transport expenses to be met by the salesperson hence relatively costly.

  1. It requires a trained salesperson

For a company to send its staff to do personal selling, it needs to do training of the personnel which may be time-consuming and also costly to do that.


Personal selling can only be done to a few people which will require the company to employ so many salespersons so that they can be sent to different areas to cover larger geographical areas.

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