Pros and Cons of Open Office Layout

The open office layout is a workspace without an enclosed room or space. It has large tables and large working groups. They are no privacy in such offices as the area is used by everyone in the office.

It is cheap to construct such kind of offices as there will be no need for materials that need to be used to divide the area into small cubes that will be used by individual members. The advantage part of it is that it encourages teamwork as members work from a central point.

Pros and Cons of Open Office Layout

Pros of Open Office Layout

  1. Good communication between workers

Workers in an open office are able to communicate with each other and it is possible for one to assist another in case there is a problem as they will be working together. It also makes them understand each other’s character and know-how to deal with such people in society.

  1. Cost-effective

It is cheap to construct an open layout office as no materials will be needed to make the divisions hence it is cost-effective. The furniture will also be cheap to acquire as the company may decide to buy one big table where everyone will work.

  1. No barriers

In case someone needs assistance from the other, then he or she goes straight and gets the assistance instead of booking for an appointment when the office is not occupied for one to get the assistance.

  1. Increases collaboration

Members in the same office are able to collaborate with each other enhancing healthy relationships among themselves.

  1. Flexibility

There is a possibility of the office being changed to an enclosed hence it is very flexible in terms of re-construction.

Cons of Open Office Layout

  1. Lack of privacy

There is no privacy in an open office layout. Members will be able to hear other’s conversations and see what they are doing hence no privacy.

  1. Distractions

Some members may distract others making them not concentrate as they may be a nuisance in that they may be talking much or just asking too many questions that are not relevant.

  1. Lack of security

There is no security for personal items in an open office layout. Everyone is entitled to everything that is found in the office hence a lack of security over personal items.

  1. The senior is not given respect

There is no seniority in the office in that other members will look down upon the senior as they work from the same environment and he is not entitled to any privacy.

  1. Prone to infections

When people work from one open area, communicable and airborne diseases may spread easily as there will be no barrier that is separating the working area.

  1. Prone to collision

When there are different opinions over a certain subject then there will be a collision that may even result in fights among the members of the same office.


Open office is good when it comes to passing general information to the staff but where it requires privacy it may not really be a good place to pass the information.


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