Pros and Cons of Online Stores

Online stores are forms of electronic commerce which allows the buyers to buy goods from the seller over the internet using a web browser.

The customers are able to read the reviews about the product before purchasing it and this gives guidelines to the customer whether it is the best option or not.

The customer is able to know the various ways to make the payment of the product, the related items that the sellers sell and the security that is put on the products.

Pros and Cons of Online Stores

Pros of Online Stores

  1. No congestion

When the buyer makes an order on online stores, there will not be congestion hence it is easy for the customers to get the product at the required time.

  1. There is privacy

The buyer and the seller are the only people who are involved in the dialogue hence there is a possibility for the two to keep secret hence there is privacy with online stores.

  1. More variety

The buyer is able to look at the varieties that are offered by the seller and make the right decision on the specific product that he or she needs.

  1. Easy to compare prices

When the seller puts the products online, they are normally accompanied by their prices hence it is easy for the buyer to compare the prices of different products online and take the one that he or she prefers.

  1. Access to used or damaged inventory

Through online stores, the buyer may get accessed to used or damaged goods that may be at a relatively low price hence he or she may decide to take the product at that price.

  1. Online tracking

There is a possibility of a buyer tracking the seller hence it is not easy for the seller to con the buyer and go scot-free with the product.

  1. Saves money and time

The buyer is able to save money and time when purchases for a product from the online stores. This is because the buyer will not use any transport to go for the product and the time he would have spent on going for the product will be used to do something else.

Cons of Online Stores

  1. Shipping problems and delays

Sometimes the seller may delay shipping the product hence inconveniencing the buyer as he or she may be in need of the product by that time.

  1. Lack of close examination

The buyer may not be able to closely examine the product he or she is requesting for and this may make the seller take advantage and deliver the wrong product or the product of low quality to the buyer.

  1. There may be frauds

There is a possibility of the seller selling the wrong product to the buyer and hence the buyer may not receive the exact thing that he or she would have ordered for.

  1. Lack of touch and feel

The buyer will not be able to touch and feel the product hence may not really know the product he or she is requesting.


Online stores are good as they will save the buyer the time and money but some sellers may use it as an avenue to con buyers. With modern technology a lot of people have opted for online stores.



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