20 Crucial Pros and Cons of Oil Energy

Oil energy is a non-renewable energy source that occurs naturally on earth. Oil energy is used in engines, industrial machines, automobiles, and planes.

Oil can also be used for engines as types of diesel and petrol. The process of producing electrical energy is done by burning of fuel to turn turbines through steams.

There are quite a good number of pros and cons of oil energy. These positive factors are supposed to be studied carefully to reduce the negative impact they cause on the environment.

pros and cons of oil

Pros of Oil Energy

  1. Accessible and Cost-Effective

Oil energy is produced among many nations making them available to everyone. Oil energy is quite cost-effective as compared to other energy sources.

  1. Substantial Energy

Research shows that oil has high densities of energy as compared to other sources of energy. A small amount of oil can produce a large amount of energy.

  1. Constant and Reliable Source

Oil energy is endless is the provision of electricity, unlike solar and wind energies. It can be used throughout the day and night without any break.

It is also a reliable source of energy, and a small amount can produce high-density energy that can be used for an extended period.

  1. Production is Quite Easy

Production of oil energy is much easier than providing other sources of energy. The process does not involve complicated procedures.

  1. Boost Economic Growth

The economic growth of a country depends much on oil energy. The energy help to power vehicles, machines, and engines.

The abundance of oil energy has helped to make work easier and also oil plants create employment opportunities for people.

  1. Transportation is Easy

Oil occurs in the liquid state; hence shipping can take place through the Keystone pipeline system. The pipeline systems enhance faster transportation oil from one place to another with ease.

  1. Extremely Affordable

The cost of oil energy is still affordable despite the variability of their prices across the world. Other sources of energy like hydroelectric, solar and wind tend to be too expensive.

  1. Creation of Employment

The oil industry sector creates thousands of employment opportunities for people. The employment system help to improve the living standards of people.

  1. Improvement in Technology

The development of machines and advancement in technology has been triggered by high-density energy production. The advantages of oil energy are so numerous, and this is the reason behind the improvement in infrastructure.

  1. Oil Energy is Scalable

Oil energy can easily be scaled to meet the rising demand of energy as compared to other renewable energy sources. Households can get the amount of energy they need regardless of the energy spikes.

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Cons of Oil Energy

  1. Create Harmful Products

Plastics are some of the natural products derived from oil, and they tend to be non-biodegradable. These products hurt the environment in case they are found in plenty of numbers.

  1. Result in Acidic Rain

Extraction and combustion of oil energy result in the emission of certain gases. These gases combine with the moisture and later result in destructive acidic rain.

  1. Non-Renewable Energy

Oil reserves are not going to last for long. The research shows that some of the significant oil wells around the world are going to last for about 50 years and then run out.

  1. Causes Pollution

Refinery of oil results in the emission of carbon gases that cause air pollution and also result in the global warming effect.

  1. Hazards of Oil Leaks

Oil spillage hurts humanity and wildlife. The spillage can result in explosion and destruction of natural habitat for wildlife.

  1. Disasters of Oil Drilling

Working is oil wells is quite risky since it is susceptible to blast. Research shows that many life has been lost due to mass disasters and explosions.

  1. Growth in Terrorism and Violence

Most of the oil reserves are found in dictatorship nations and oil money is mainly meant to fund terrorists. It is the reason behind the growth of terrorism and violent activities in the world today.

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Extraction and combustion of oil result in the emission of carbon dioxide gases. The gases are the reason behind the global warming effect due to the destruction of the ozone layer.

  1. Result in Health Issues

Prolonged exposure to crude oil can result in chemical pneumonia. The condition can affect the respiratory systems and even cause dizziness regularly.

  1. Non-biodegradable

Oil spillage on land and sea has a long-lasting effect. Pregnant women and children are adversely affected by oil byproducts. It is recommended to remove the spillage before it starts having a lasting impact.

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