Pros and Cons of Offset Lithography

Offset lithography is a printing technique whereby the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket then to the printing surface. It is used in combination with the lithographic process which is based on the repulsion of oil and water and employed on the flat image carrier.

It is used by people who are looking for highly detailed pictures and rich colors. It is often used to print high-quality promotional material such as branded coasters, mouse mats, and product advertisers. The printing ink is not transferred directly to the surface.

pros and cons of offset lithography

Pros of Offset Lithography

  1. Good for commercial-scale printing

It is good for commercial-scale printing as the image is to be printed on a large surface hence it will utilize the ink used well on the surface.

  1. Quick and easy production of printing plates

The production of a printing plate is easy in that the locally available materials such as metals, plastic, rubber, and even paper. This makes it easier for the plates to be found.

  1. Low cost

Offset lithography costs a little bit cheaply as the printing plates can be made from locally available materials and the surface can also be obtained locally hence it is cheaper to use offset lithography.

  1. The printing plate is durable

The plate can be used on various materials as there is no direct contact of the plate and the printing surface hence it cannot wear out easily.

  1. Produces high image quality

When using offset lithography, the image produced is of high quality as there is no spilling of ink on the surface and thus the image that comes out is normally clear and that is why it can be used to advertise products as they give clear images.

Cons of Offset Lithography

  1. It is tedious

It is very involving when it comes to offsetting lithography. This is because the printing plate has to be obtained, then the ink and also the surface on which the printing is to take place. The printing starts after the materials have been collected and the one doing it normally takes a lot of time to come up with the high-quality image and thus it is quite involving which makes it tedious.

  1. Cost

To some extent, it may be costly. When the materials to be used cannot be found locally, then the person to do it has to go round and look for the materials which are to be bought hence it may be expensive.

  1. Time-consuming

It needs to be edited before the final image is printed and it may be time-consuming as the person doing it may be required to repeat the work for it to come out the way the owner needs it hence it can take longer to produce one print.

  1. Has a negative impact on the environment

There are large pieces of paper that need to be used and chemicals that are not well disposed of hence they pollute the environment which is hazardous to human beings.

  1. It is not good for small size prints

When doing on a small size surface it may be uneconomical hence it is only good for large size prints.


Offset lithography is not mostly used by companies as it is quite involving and needs large surface for it to be used hence most companies go small-sized advertisements such as the use of brochures.

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