Pros and Cons of Office Machines

Office machines are the equipment used in an office. They include; phones, computers and printers. The office equipment must have the right software for the work to be done efficiently.

The speed of the internet users in the office also varies as the machines that use the internet will enhance quick retrieval of information and sending of the information from one office to another.

Pros and Cons of Office Machines

Pros of Office Machines

  1. They work fast

As compared to work that can be done manually, when a machine is used it will be fast and the work will be done efficiently.

  1. They are accurate

When using machines they will give more accurate figures as compared to work that will be done manually. The machines will enhance accurate calculations hence there will be no risks of getting inaccurate figures.

  1. They use natural force

The machines will not get tired easily s compared to human beings hence they will do a lot of work as compared to human beings.

  1. Heavy and delicate work

Work that is too heavy and delicate to be done by a human being it can be done by the machine hence they are of great help in the offices.

  1. Employment opportunities

The use of machines has promoted employment opportunities as more skilled people are needed to operate the machines hence it forces the company to employ someone who has skills in the running of the machine in order for the machine to be useful in the office.

  1. Makes life simple and easy

Since the invention of machines life has become simple and easy for many people working in the offices as they are able to do the work simply and in an easier way.

Cons of Office Machines

  1. Costly

It is highly costly to acquire modern machines that will do work effectively in an office. This is because the most machines needs to be imported and the way they work needs to be taught to the user hence costly to acquire and use modern machines.

  1. Specialized staff

Some machines needs specialized people to operate them hence there will be a cost to the company to employ someone who is qualified to use the machine.

  1. Breakdown of the machines

The machines easily breaks down and when they break down they need a specialist for him or her to repair the machine. Some are very costly to repair hence an expense to the company.

  1. Less flexible

Human beings are much flexible as compared to machines. Once something has been done using the machine then it will not be easier for it to be corrected hence they are not flexible.

  1. They may be uneconomical

There must be a lot of workloads for the machines to be utilized fully. If the workload is little then the machines will not be utilized fully and it may be uneconomical to the office.


Machines are good in an office as they make work to be done fast and efficiently hence most companies prefer to use machines in their offices.

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