Pros and Cons of Non-Renewable Resources

Non-renewable resources are natural resources that cannot be replaced but it is used quickly. It is finite. Most fossil fuels, minerals, and metal ores are examples of no-renewable resources.

They are substances that can be used up more quickly than it can be replaced and its supply is finite. As opposed to renewable resources where its supply is unlimited.

Pros and Cons of Non-Renewable Resources

Pros of Non-Renewable Resources

  1. They are abundant and affordable

Resources such as oil and diesel are good examples of non-renewable resources that are good choices for powering vehicles and they are affordable and its supply is abundant.

  1. Cost-effective

They are cost-effective and easier to produce and use. This makes it cost-effective as it only needs refining and the oil is ready to be used.

  1. Easy to transport

It is easy to transport such resources as oil as they are transported through pipelines that do not really require a lot of space as they are only fitted underground and they are able to be transported to further away places without interference.

  1. They are high in energy

Resources such as coal and oil have high energy. This makes it possible to be used by a lot of machines as they will be able to provide the energy that is needed.

  1. They create job opportunities for people

People are able to work in the mining industry where oil is extracted, others will be able to work where it is refined and others will transport it to different places hence they create job opportunities.

  1. They are easy to use

They can be used anywhere either at home or in the industries. They do not require skills to be used hence can be used by everyone.

  1. Can earn country revenue

Countries that produce oil can transport it to other countries hence earning the country revenue that can be useful in other industries such as trade and agriculture hence improving the country’s economy.

Cons of Non-Renewable Resources

  1. Time-consuming

It takes a lot of time for minerals to be mined and to be made into useful states. This makes it difficult to be used immediately as they are required to undergo a process before they are made to finish products.

  1. Dangerous to human health

Some resources such as fossils can cause respiratory problems to human beings hence they are harmful to human health.

  1. Destroy the ozone layer

Some of the resources when they are burnt they release a lot of carbon dioxide to the air that destroys the ozone layer which is very important to human beings as it protects us from the direct ultraviolet rays that are harmful to human skin.

  1. They contribute to acidic rain

When some of the fossils are burnt they release harmful gases in the air that contributes to acidic rain that is not healthy to plants and animals.

  1. Expensive

To keep the power stations working they need a lot of fuel that may turn out to be expensive to a country.


Non-renewable resources are good but they really cause destruction to the environment as they affect both the plants and animals. Although most countries use resources, there are many disadvantages that are accompanied by them.

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