Pros and Cons of Newspapers

A newspaper is a periodical publication containing written information about current events and is often typed in black ink and has a grey background.

Newspapers are mainly printed on a daily basis and its main purpose is to inform the readers about the current information.

They mainly have short headlines and the first line of the story normally sums up what is contained in the story. They are normally written using the third person and it is always in the past tense.

The news should be put in paragraphs to help the reader understand the story and should contain relevant photographs to capture the reader’s attention.

Pros and Cons of Newspapers

Pros of Newspapers

  1. They provide news about all sectors

Newspapers give news about economic situations, sports, current affairs, entertainment, trade, and commerce. This enables the reader to understand what is going on in the whole country and can also be in a position to use the news to decide which type of investment can he or she venture in.

  1. Contains worldwide news

The newspapers usually contain news about other countries. This may include the political status and the economic status and even the weather of the country hence possible for someone to know which country to travel at what time.

  1. It boosts the self-esteem of the reader

When someone makes it a habit of reading the newspaper will build his or her self-esteem as he or she will improve in knowledge and will be able to relate with other people all over the world well. The reader will be able to discuss with other people about situations in the country and other countries with a lot of confidence.

  1. Improves language and vocabulary of the reader

Through reading the newspaper often, the reader is able to meet some vocabulary and will be able to use them in day to day communication hence building his or her language.

  1. They create employment opportunities

People who work in the printing firms of the newspaper companies, the editors may have a source of living through the newspapers hence a source of employment opportunities.

Cons of Newspapers

  1. Expensive

It is expensive to purchase for a newspaper on a daily basis and also the companies find it costly to print the newspapers on a daily basis hence a little bit expensive.

  1. It is an analogue way of passing news to people

Newspapers are viewed as an analogue way of passing information as compared to this era of technology where people want to find everything online.

  1. It is bulky

The newspapers are bulky hence someone may find it difficult to carry the newspaper from one place to another for him to get the information hence makes many people not go for them.

  1. The information may be biased

It is easier for the printing companies to write biased information as some people may bribe them only to write the good part of the information leaving out the bad parts hence giving the public wrong information.

  1. Low quality

Sometimes the information may be published using low-quality printers that may make it difficult for the reader to read hence not getting the intended information from the newspaper.


A newspaper is good for it can cultivate someone’s reading habit which will make it possible for such people to get information from any written document. That is why many people prefer the newspapers although it is an analogue way of passing information.

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