Pros and Cons of Neon Sign

The neon sign is an electric sign lighted by long luminous gas-discharge tubes that contain rarefied neon or other gases. They are used worldwide but in the USA they started using them as early as 1920.

They have sealed glass tubes with electrodes at each end and they are filled with a number of gases at low pressure. They are more efficient depending on the color of the light.

The gases used include neon, helium, argon, mercury vapor, and xenon. They all have different colors.

Pros and Cons of Neon Sign

Pros of Neon Signs

  1. High visibility

Neon signs can be used with different colors, it is possible for it to be more visible as the colors of the gases used are normally appealing to the eye. For instance, helium is orange, neon is red and mercury vapor is light blue. The colors are highly visible hence easy for someone to notice them.

  1. Good at night

As the neon sign uses gases that are very attractive they are good at night as they will light up the area where they are put. Most businesses prefer using them in front of their shops at night to serve as a source of light during the night.

  1. Attract customers

Neon signs are normally put in front of shops or businesses hence when they light at night they normally attract customers to go to the shop hence can be used as an avenue of the advertising business.

  1. Energy efficient

They use little power to light hence they are very economical as compared to other sources of energy.

  1. They have a long lifespan

Neon signs take a long time before it is destroyed hence it is most preferred by the businesses as they will last long.

Cons of Neon Signs

  1. They give very little light

Neon signs give very little light as compared to other sources hence someone may not be able to see clearly using the neon light during the night.

  1. Fragile glass tubes

The glass tubes that are used for neon lights are very fragile hence they can easily be broken which will make the business person keep on replacing them every now and then.

  1. High maintenance cost

The glass that is filled with the gases may keep on breaking and that requires to be repaired hence making the cost of repairing it high to the business. Sometimes if it has a crack, the whole glass will need to be replaced because it not be used while containing the crack hence very costly.

  1. Only one color can be used at a time

Even though the glass tube may be filled with different gases that contain different colors, one color can be used at a time hence it is useless to fill it with different gases that may eventually not be used together with another.

  1. There are few colors available basing on the glass color configuration

The glass color configuration has to match with the color that is available which very difficult to get in the market.


Neon signs are good to be used in front of businesses in order to attract customers but in places that need keen observation then they are not the best.

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