16 Significant Pros and Cons of Monarchy

Monarchy is a kind of government where a hereditary ruler rules the state. They rule until they die or pass down the leadership to the members of the family. Some monarchy is elected by the members of the public.

The political system in this kind of government is based on a single person. The person heads the state for life. There are currently 29 sovereign monarchies in the world.

Pros and Cons of Monarchy

Pros of Monarchy

  1. The government has less corruption

Succession happens when the one in power dies or decides to step down and pass to somebody else in the family. This makes it possible to have few cases of corruption as the people will know who is supposed to be in leadership and this will make the elect the person fairly.

  1. They are revered by people under their power

Most people who are ruled by the monarchy system respect the king’s family. This makes it possible for them to respect the members of the family hence when the leadership is passed to one of the family members it becomes easier for the person to rule hence unity in the nation.

  1. They are suited to rule and have qualities to run the nation

The order of succession is usually determined and this gives it time for the next member to be educated on how to rule. The member is allowed to experience in order to gain knowledge of taking over hence the member understands what he or she needs to do when in power.

  1. Limited power is given to the head of state

The person in power is allowed to govern under some rules and this makes it possible for the whole family to be consulted in case there is an issue hence easy to solve a conflict in the nation.

  1. Succession is smooth

There are no political fights over the leadership as the succession is smooth. The member going to take over is known in advance and prepared and this makes it easier for the members of the public not to fight over leadership positions.

  1. There are little election expenses

The person going to take over is already prepared and this makes the government not to spend a lot of money giving people some cash so that they may elect a specific person.

  1. They have the strongest armies and defensive protocols

As a family, they normally have strong defensive forces and this makes it easier for them to rise in power without necessarily spending more resources on hiring the defensive unit.

  1. Not easy for members of the public to oppose

People being ruled usually have little say in the government as the monarchial society is the one to make decisions over issues in the government.

Cons of Monarchy

  1. Not all members to succeed are competent

Some of the members may not be competent enough to rule and this may make the system fully rely on the leadership from the society hence the person in power will not necessarily do anything constructive to the nation.

  1. If the monarch is oppressive then people will suffer

People will tend to suffer in the hands of the monarch system. If the person in leadership is bad then the members of the public will have to persevere so that the person can die or pass over the leadership for the changes to be made in the government.

  1. They have expensive lifestyles

The lifestyles of the monarch families are expensive and this may make the government spend a lot of resources on the families hence putting the burden on the members of the public.

  1. There is only one family in control of the government

As the leadership is inherited, then one family will be in a position to control the government of the nation and this may lead to passing of the vices from one person to another hence the family alone will benefit from the government without necessarily looking into the benefits that the members of the public are to get.

  1. There is no democracy

People who are being ruled do not have a chance to say who can be their leader. As the leader is always chosen from the members of the family and prepared to take over in advance. This may lead to fights in the nation as people may be denied their right to vote for the government that they want.

  1. Children may be placed in positions to rule

When the family does not have a mature member who can take over, it may decide to give the powers to a minority to rule who may not really have grown to know how to deal with the situations in the nation.

  1. It can decide to do away with all checks and balances

The government may rule according to the way it wants throwing away all the checks and balances and this may make it difficult for the nation to improve its economy as there will be no balances. The government may also deny the members of the public all the freedom they deserve and this may end up in fights in the nation.

  1. It reduces the amount of diversity found in the government

The government will not be in a position to have diversity in leadership as only one family will be in a position to rule and this may make the government not develop economically.


A Monarchy system can be possible only if the family in leadership is able to lead the nation well. The person in succession should possess the qualities of leadership and should not fully rely on the members of the family to make decisions as some decisions may be misleading to the nation.

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