Pros and Cons of Mining

Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or geological materials from the earth. The deposits form a mineralized package that is of economic interest to the miner. There are various types of mining which include: underground mining, open cast mining. Underground mining is used to reach deeper deposits.

They are mainly assets management projects, energy and environment, and remote operations.

Pros and Cons of Mining

Pros of Mining

  1. Earns income to the locals

Through mining, the community can earn income as they can sell the mines to other countries and areas where they are needed and earns income from that.

  1. Provides employment opportunities

People can get employed as there will be a need for labor so that the minerals may be extracted from the earth and through that people will have an opportunity to be employed.

  1. Creates income to the local government

The money that is earned as revenue will be directed to the government and it can be used in other areas of the economy hence promoting economic development in the country.

  1. Promotes more efficient use of energy

The sources of energy are utilized in the area hence not wasting the sources that are found in that area.

  1. Making use of marginalized lands

Where there are minerals agriculture does not flourish so when mining takes place, the land is made use of hence not wasted.

  1. Creating environmental awareness

This is done through rehabilitation programs where people are encouraged to use renewable sources of energy.

  1. Provides materials to industries

Some industries depend entirely on minerals as raw materials hence through mining the industries receive the materials needed.

  1. Improves living standards of people

Those who work in the mineral sites can improve their living standards as they will be able to earn at the end of the exercise and those that buy the minerals may also become rich as they will sell the minerals at a high price making them have a lot of money.

Cons of Mining

  1. Environmental effect

When mining takes place, there is a lot of pollution that occurs with it making the environment to be contaminated hence not healthy for animals and plants.

  1. Trampling on the plants

When mining takes place in an area, plant life is affected in that they are trampled over in the process of extracting the minerals from the earth hence affecting their life.

  1. Destruction of the ecosystem

The ecosystem is destructed in that it may cause erosion in the area living the area bare which will not be productive again.

  1. Use of chemicals

Some minerals are extracted using chemicals which are harmful to animals hence affecting their lifestyles as it may cause diseases to human beings.

  1. Can cause collapses and flooding

Where mining has taken place, there will be poor drainage and this will cause flooding of the area which will eventually cause the soil to collapse hence may cause landslides to kill people who live near the place.

  1. Mine explosions

There may be explosions where mining is taking place and this can result in the death of human beings and other animals.


Mining brings revenue to the government but it should be done in a way that it may not affect the plants and animals that are within as they also use in the ecosystem.

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