Pros and Cons of Marketing

Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. It is the business process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer’s needs and wants. It is one of the main components of business management.

It promotes and sells business products and services. It includes market research and advertising of the products. The concepts involved in marketing are the production concept, product concept, selling concept, the marketing concept, and social marketing concept.

It mainly focuses on customer satisfaction and the exchange of goods and services.

Pros and Cons of Marketing

Pros of Marketing

  1. Able to reach the intended audience

When a company does marketing, it can reach the targeted audience and this will make him or she sell his or her products easily hence it should be embraced by most companies.

  1. Immediate feedback

The people who do marketing can get immediate feedback from the audience and this allows the company to know the results from the field.

  1. Cost-effective

It is cost-effective in that a group of people from the company are sent to go out and market the product and it is paid on commission whereby the person gets paid from the sales he or she makes hence it is cost-effective on the side of the company.

  1. Customer retention and customer service

A company can retain its customers by doing marketing as the customers will be able to spread good information about the company and it will also be used as a means to give more information to the customers about the product hence providing customer service.

  1. The company may use employees

When the company uses employees of the company, they will be able to give the correct information about the product they produce hence giving the customers reliable information about the product.

  1. Creates an asset that lasts

Once the company has done good marketing, they will be able to sell the product throughout hence making good sales that will last for long.

  1. It gives powerful content

When a company publishes its product, then the information will be comprehensive and this will give the customers clear information about the product.

  1. There is a possibility of getting a big picture

After the company has done marketing, there is the possibility of the company getting a big picture from the market hence able to get the intended customers.

  1. Improves the authority

The company improves its authority when it does marketing as it will be able to give more information about the product to the customers.

  1. It is easier

Marketing is easy in a way that once the marketers have understood the customers then they will be able to have the relevant information needed by the clients.

  1. Brand recognition

The company will be able to make it’s brand awareness to the customers by marketing it hence attracting some of the customers to buy it.

Cons of Marketing

  1. It may need advertising

When the company does advertising then it will be able for the people to market the product as the public is already aware of the product in the market.

  1. It can be costly

Before the company does the marketing they will need the information about the company and the product which needs to be comprehensive and this will be required to be printed which the company will incur some cost.

  1. Takes time

The company has to do marketing and then give the customers some time for them to make decision hence it is a long term investment.

  1. Not easy to manage

Marketing requires people with skills in that area and the people should be creative and persuasive for them to win the customers.

  1. Difficult for a small team

If the company has a small team, it will be difficult to conduct the marketing as they will be required to employ other staff to assist them which may not have information about the product.

  1. It needs creativity and diverse skills

Not everyone can do marketing. It is only people with the skills and those who are creative that can do marketing and bring positive results at the end.

  1. Difficult to create content

Content making needs very creative and professionals for them to design the required content to be used for marketing.

  1. Time-consuming

It takes a lot of time for the company to plan and do effective marketing of the product.

  1. The problem of trust

Some people who go for marketing cannot be trusted by the customers hence it is difficult for them to win the clients.

  1. It is subjective

When the company does marketing it will only give information about the product they produce not considering other companies that produce related products.


Marketing is a good process to undertake in business as people will be able to win the customers and satisfy their needs and wants hence most companies prefer to do marketing as a way of promoting their company.


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