Pros and Cons of Magazines

Magazines are periodical publications containing articles and illustrations usually on a particular subject. We have periodical magazines, trade magazines, and scholarly magazines.

Magazines generally contain essays, poems, articles, fictions, recipes and images and they are generally directed towards a specific audience. They are normally published either weekly or monthly or even on a yearly basis.

Pros and Cons of Magazines

Pros of Magazines

  1. They have a long life span

As opposed to the newspapers, the magazines normally contain information that is beneficial to the reader for a long period of time. The reader may keep it as reference material for him to use it any other day it is needed and that is why the information is normally printed on a paper that is of high quality so that it may last longer with the information.

  1. They can be targeted to specific people

As the magazines put in mind the targeted group then the photographs that are normally included in the magazines will be suitable to that group hence passing the information to the relevant people.

  1. Relatively cheap

Magazines are not published on a daily basis like the newspapers, hence the company may find it cheaper to publish magazines once in a while. To the readers, it may also be relatively cheaper as someone does not need to buy the magazine every day in order to get the information. The magazine is bought once and the information will remain useful for a long time.

  1. It is easy to advertise through the magazines

The magazines are normally directed to a specific group hence the company may decide o advertise through the magazine as the information will reach the targeted audience hence it can be easier for them to get the product.

  1. They are normally attractive

With the magazines they are normally attractive as the photographs that are normally used in the magazines are usually clear and that can attract the targeted group to buy and also read the information that is contained inside.

Cons of Magazines

  1. They may give readers the wrong impression

Magazines at times may give readers the wrong impression in that the advertisement may be interpreted wrongly hence it may damage the brand of the commodity being advertised in the magazine.

  1. There is a possibility of the advertisement not being seen by the reader

This is because in most cases the advertisements are normally put on the last pages and this may make the reader not to see the advertisement hence they will not know about the product being advertised which will make them not to go for the product. This may affect the sales of the branded commodity.

  1. They may be relatively expensive

Producing magazines requires high-quality paper that will be used to print on the information and this may turn out to be expensive on the side of the company producing the magazine. Also, the photographs that are to be put there need to be taken using a high-quality camera which may be expensive to acquire.

  1. Not easy to advertise to a large group of people

When the magazine is always intended to have advertisements that reach nationwide then there may be a problem to reach people at regional levels which will hinder the information from reaching them.


Most people and companies prefer to use magazines to advertise their products as they are normally sure that ninety percent of their audience will be reached as the magazines are published with the intention of reaching a certain group.

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