Pros and Cons of M-Akiba

M-Akiba is a retail infrastructure bond issued by the government of Kenya that seeks to enhance financial inclusion for economic development. The money got from the bond will be used to fund government infrastructural development projects.

It has opening opportunities for retail investors and its purpose is to build Kenya. It is a unique investment opportunity in Kenya.

Pros and Cons of M-Akiba

Pros of M-Akiba

  1. Freedom and control

It gives the owner of the business freedom to control their funds. The owner can invest the amount he or she wants without restrictions.

  1. Predictable income

As it is tax-free, it allows its members to invest in large amounts as they are sure of the returns from it hence encourages many people.

  1. There are reduced borrowings

This assists the members who have invested in them not to get involved in bad debts that may render financial constraints to the business.

  1. Low minimum investment

It allows its members to invest a low amount hence this encourages those with little income to invest in the business.

  1. Better returns

Their returns are better in that they have a higher interest in the money invested and this may make the investors earn more money at the end of the investment period.

  1. Easy to open the account

It is easy to open the account as the investor can open the account with the central bank or any other authorized agent and buy the bonds after two days.

  1. Opens opportunity for everyone

This allows the small scale retail traders and the local members to invest in the business as it is not for foreign investors alone.

  1. Able to save

The members who buy the bonds can save in the business as they have low-interest rates hence earning returns by the end of the year.

  1. Convenient

It allows the members to save through their mobile phones hence it becomes easier for them to do it from anywhere.

  1. Improvement of the country’s economy

The country can use the money in other investment projects hence improving the economy of the country.

  1. It is a unique investment

Once the investor has opened an account and has started saving, they can trade in government retail bonds and get the opportunity of making more money.

Cons of M-Akiba

  1. It has a limitation

The minimum amount to invest in is 3000 and the daily payment limit is 140000 shillings and this may discourage those who would wish to have large sums of money in a day.

  1. The interest is semi-annually

The interest earned on the money invested is after six months and this may make it hard for those who would like to earn money quickly.

  1. Inadequate customer services

The services offered to the customers are inadequate and this makes many people not have full information about the investment project.

  1. Only works with a smartphone

As they only work with smartphones it does not allow those who do not have smartphones to invest hence it is limited to a certain number of people.

  1. Increase in the price of the bonds

This happens when the interest rates decrease and this makes many people sell their bonds which makes the company increase the price.


M-Akiba is a good government investment project as it generates money for the government to invest in other development projects hence improving the economy of the country.

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