16 Interesting Pros and Cons of Longer School Days

Longer school days are when students are required to be in school for longer hours. Longer school days could result in fatigue in learners which may make them not concentrate on what they are to learn hence sometimes the objective may not be achieved.

Pros and Cons of Longer School Days

Pros of Longer School Days

  1. It may result in longer weekends

Many companies may require their workers to work for more hours a day and this may end up creating longer weekends. Schools may also adopt that and this may increase the chances of contact between parents and their children.

  1. Recreational activities may be part of the school program

Since learners will have a long time in school, the school may add recreational programs into the program making the learners enjoy being at school.

  1. It may reduce the amount of homework carried

Most of the work can be done in school hence the learners may have little work to be carried as homework hence giving them a chance to relax when at home.

  1. More learning time is created

The learners are able to be taught a lot of subjects in one day since they are at school for longer periods of time hence the teachers will be able to cover the syllabus on time.

  1. It matches school schedule to parents work schedule

Parents will be comfortable since they will know that the learners are in school occupied by the teachers hence they can do their work well without any worry of who is to take care of the child while he or she is still at the workplace.

  1. It increases the teacher-learner contact

The teacher will have a lot of time with the learner hence the teacher may be able to assist the learner in areas where the learner has a challenge.

  1. Improves the performance

Both the learner and the teacher are able to improve their performance as they will have enough time to cover the areas where they have challenges.

  1. It is in line with the modern world

When children are in school for longer hours, they will not be able to be subjected to child labor as they will be committed hence no time to go and look for employment in companies and ranches.

  1. It improves the discipline of the learners

Longer school days make the learners to be occupied in school and this may not give them a chance to get involved in vices such as stealing and drug-taking hence discipline.

Cons of Longer School Days

  1. Increases the cost

When the learners are in school for longer hours, parents may be required to pay a higher amount of money and this may make some of the parents strain financially because of the cost.

  1. It does not allow time for other activities

Learners will only be equipped with the knowledge and they may not have time to practice other skills that may be necessary for their lives.

  1. It makes the teachers to overwork

When the learners are in school, the teachers will also be required to be in school and this may make them to overwork.

  1. No guarantee that the scores will rise

There is no guarantee that when the learners stay in school for long they will perform better. This is because it is a limit where a learner can understand and beyond that, it may make the learners not to benefit from being at school for long.

  1. It results in fatigue

The learners will be extremely tired and this may affect the learning of the following days hence not beneficial to the learner.

  1. Lose of attention in learners

Learners may lose attention and this may make the teacher to waste time as the learners may not benefit from the interaction.

  1. Learners may fall asleep in the course of learning

When the hours of contact between teacher and learners are long, the learner may fall asleep as the teacher is still teaching hence he or she may not benefit from the lesson.


Longer school days may either result in greater learning or not. This is because there is no guarantee that when the learners stay in school for long they will be able to learn more. The drawbacks of longer school days have to be looked in to in order for the learners to benefit from the program.


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