Pros and Cons of Landscape Office Layout

The landscape office layout is a type of office where people work from one place but it is improved in terms of furniture, outlook and other equipment. They are more like open office layout but has a slight difference.

They are equipped with things that can easily grab visitor’s attention, a place to relax, there is a sense of security and safety and the landscaper who understands individual needs.

Pros and Cons of Landscape Office Layout

Pros of Landscape Office Layout

  1. Promotes teamwork among the employees

There is teamwork among the employees in that they can assist one another in case someone is faced with a challenge as they work together for the betterment of the company.

  1. Promotes sharing of office equipment

As people work together they are able to share office equipment without necessarily having to walk to the neighboring office to get the equipment hence it is to an advantage

  1. Less costly

It is less costly to construct a landscape office than an enclosed office as employees will need to work from one room and they will be able to share the equipment in the room hence the owner will not have to buy the equipment for each office which will be less costly.

  1. Easy to supervise

The office is created in a way that the manager will be in the same room but at a raised ground hence he or she will be able to see how each and everyone is working hence easy to supervise.

  1. Low maintenance cost

As the equipment is brought to be used by each and everyone in the office, then it will be easier for the company to repair them once they are destroyed hence low maintenance cost.

Cons of Landscape Office Layout

  1. Noise

There might be people who work with machines that are noisy and this will cause a distraction to other employees. Some employees may also be noisy and this will also cause interference with other employees’ work hence not working efficiently.

  1. Expensive to set up

The office may be a little bit expensive to set up and this may need the owner to really invest in it for it to appear the way e or she wants. This is due to the furniture, the equipment and the outlook the owner wants the office to have. The manager’s area will need to be put in a raised area for easy supervision hence it may be expensive to set up the office.

  1. Senior offices are not put in places of privacy

This may make the juniors look down upon the seniors as they will be working from the same office and they may end up engaging in talks that are not suitable hence no privacy.

  1. Lack of confidential work

As all the work will be done from one area, then there will be no confidential report about someone as all the employees will be accessed to what each and everyone is doing in the office.


The landscape office layout is better than open office layout as the employees will at least not work from the same table hence there will be a little bit of privacy as opposed to open office layout.

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