Pros and Cons of Internet

Internet is a network providing and communication facilities using a standardized communication protocol. It has geographic distribution, universal access and digital advantages.

Pros and Cons of Internet

Pros of Internet

  1. Saves time

Internetwork can be done faster. This is because the information is already available on the internet which makes it easier for someone to research and get the required information about the needed topic. As a result, someone takes little time to do work as compared to if someone could be required to get books and read the information.

  1. Able to hold meetings without being physically present

People are able to discuss an idea through the use of the internet and come to an agreement. This reduces the cost of people travelling in order to meet and deliberate on an issue.

  1. Possible for people to earn from home

It is possible for people to earn from the comfort of their sitting rooms. People who do freelancing use different platforms using their skills to earn from their homes. This has allowed people to have control over their lives and can schedule themselves when to do a particular thing.

  1. Increase in speed of transactions

Companies such as PayPal have made it possible for people to hold accounts with digital funds but still have access to the funds in the required currency when they need it. People can still withdraw the money by use of ATMs which is made possible because of the internet.

  1. People are able to connect with another

Because of the internet, people are able to link with each other through social mediums. People can also promote businesses or sports through social media which is enhanced by the internet.

Cons of Internet

  1. Expensive

For someone to use internet needs to buy a device which will enable him or her connected. After that, some amount of money has to be paid so that the device can be connected. This makes it expensive to use the internet.

  1. Risk of privacy

The information that is shared on social media may make someone lack privacy. This may make it easier for people to follow your life without your notice which is disadvantageous.

  1. Addiction

Some people are really addicted to the internet that really makes them use their financial resources on internet services.

  1. Pornography

On the internet, there is a lot of pornographic information which is not really good for certain ages of people. This makes it possible for children to consume a message that is not really good for them. They, later on, engage in sexual activities at young ages thus rendering the society at risk.

  1. Not convenient for businesses

If a business person entirely depends on the internet to make business then it happens that there was a problem on the connection that is going to take longer then the person will run at a loss since he or she will not be able to make business. This makes the business less productive.


Pros and cons show that the internet can either be good or bad. But if we use it well and the laws governing it to be put in place then it will be of great help to people in the world.


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