18 Critical Pros and Cons of Hunting

Hunting is the practice of seeking, pursuing, and capturing or killing wild animals. It is mostly done by humans for meat. The family decides which animals to be hunted on and how the food may be shared. The hunters are normally in small groups. There is always a division of labor for every member to be involved.

Pros and Cons of Hunting

Pros of Hunting

  1. It reduces automotive accidents

There are various accidents that are caused by animals. When there is a collision between an animal and a vehicle, a lot of money is used to repair the damaged vehicle. Hunting helps reduce the population of wild animals roaming across the road hence reducing the level of accidents experienced.

  1. Source of revenue to the government

For instance, in the United States, the residential cost of a deer license is $44.90 per person. This amount is high as many people in the United States keep deer hence the government collects large sums of money from the citizens hence source of revenue.

  1. Means of survival

Hunters get food rich in animal proteins from hunting. This makes them balance their diet hence able to live healthier than the rest.

  1. There are useful articles made from the animals’ parts

When the animal has been hunted, there are various parts of its body that can be turned into useful products. Hides are turned into clothing or blankets or antlers into useful tools. This makes hunting more advantageous as the hunters are able to benefit a lot from the animals.

  1. It increases a person’s knowledge of how to attack the animals

For hunters to be successful, they have to learn tactics on how to attack the animals in the field. They have to recognize animal trials and habits. This gives the hunters chance to explore the outdoor activities without necessarily being taught.

  1. It improves personal exercise

Most of the animals that are hunted are usually fast. This calls for the hunters to be physically fit for them to be able to catch up with the animal’s speed. With this, the hunters have to exercise for them to remain fit.

  1. It is done safely

In the United States, there are laws that are set to govern hunting. There is also hunting education that is provided to the hunters and this makes the hunters to be cautious when dealing with the activity hence reducing the number of accidents that occur in the course of hunting.

  1. It is a control measure to wildlife population

Wild animals such as deer can cause great damage to property. Some animals can eat a lot of plants within a day in case they access it. This may cause a lot of destruction to the environment if not controlled. Hunting reduces the population of the wild animals hence acting as a control measure.

  1. It provides social and emotional health benefits

When hunters are in the field they socialize with other hunters and the animals and this makes them reduce the amount of stress that has piled in their minds. Some also benefit emotionally as they will active all the time hence emotional benefit.

Cons of Hunting

  1. Costly to acquire hunter education

It is costly to acquire hunters’ education and this makes it not possible for many people to get the education hence resulting in a lot of accidents in their line of duty.

  1. It may cause animals to suffer

When the hunters are on their mission, they may cause injury to animals that may result in a life span injury and this makes the animal suffer as they may not continue living the way they were living.

  1. Abusive practices

Some hunters may decide to use abusive practices in order for them to get hold of the animals. For instance, an animal like a deer may be lured with food then in the long run it is shot without the hunter necessarily having to run after it.

  1. Reduction in animal population

When wild animals are hunted on, their population reduces and this may lead to the extinction of certain species from the chain as the hunters do not really look into the number of the species that have remained in order for them to give them time to breed again.

  1. It acts like a sport

Hunting is more of a sport than a necessity for life. In the past hunting was done in order to put food on the table. Modern hunting has become more of a sport in that the hunters may even pose with their kill without necessarily bothering what could happen to the carcass.

  1. It violates animals’ right to live

Like human beings, animals have a right to live. When they are killed for either meat or any of their parts, their right to live is violated. Human beings can find sources of proteins from other things and not necessarily from animals.

  1. It separates animals families

The animal families can be separated as the hunter hunts on one of them then the remaining may shift from the place in order for them to be safe. In the course of the shifting, they may not end up in one place hence the family is separated.

  1. It may lead to violence against humans

The animals may attack humans in the course of hunting. This is to defend themselves which may end up hurting humans.

  1. It may cause a deformity in animals

When some animals are shot, they may end up not dying on the spot and this may make them survive but with deformity. This may require the animal to change its lifestyle to adapt to deformity nature which may cause stress to the animal.


When the task of hunting is managed properly, and the purpose to guarantee survival, then it can be beneficial. If hunting becomes more of a sport and profit-making field, then the drawbacks of hunting will highly come out and this may make it not necessary to be done. The guidelines should be put in place on how hunting should be done to avoid deforming animals from the process.

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