Pros and Cons of Human Porterage Transport

Human porterage is the act of transporting goods by people from one place to another and receive payment thereafter. The people who transport goods are known as porters.

In the past, it was a very common means of transport as there were no other means of transport. Although the porters would really become worn out it was the safest means of transport.

Pros and Cons of Human Porterage Transport

Pros of Human Porterage

  1. Cheap compared to other means of transport

Human porterage is relatively cheap as compared to other means of transport. This is because human beings are always available and may not need fuel for them to move from one place to another. The maintenance cost of human porterage is slightly lower hence cheap means of transport.

  1. Convenient over a short distance

When transporting goods over the short distance it is the convenient way of transporting. This is because they can easily move faster as they will only be required to lift the good and they keep going. It is not compared to vehicles where it will need to be put in a specific place for the good to be transported safely.

  1. Flexible

Human beings are flexible in that they can go through any route and at any time. They do not require good roads or fixed time for them to go.

  1. Safe

It is safe in that it is not easy for human beings to cause accidents. Using this means of transport, there is guaranteed security in that human beings will only use ways that they know are safe hence security.

Cons of Human Porterage

  1. Relatively slow

As compared to other means of transport, human porterage is relatively slow as it will take a lot of time for the human being to walk fast while carrying goods as they will be heavy hence slow.

  1. It is exhaustible

This means of transport depends on human energy and when humans carry goods, in the end, they will become very tired.

  1. Not good for long-distance

When the human is supposed to go for a long distance it may not be suitable since there is a maximum distance that can be covered by a human being not suitable when something has to be transported over a long distance.

  1. May cause congestion on the road

A lot of human beings on the road may cause congestion obstructing other forms of transport such as vehicles and motorcycles. This may make road transport slow means of transport.

  1. They carry only small and light goods

Transporting goods through humans it is only possible when the good is small and not heavy. This makes it impossible for heavy goods to be transported through this means hence making it not that suitable means.

  1. Risk of being tricked

This means of transport is easy for the porter to trick the owner of the goods and as only small and light goods can be carried they can run away with the good and it may become difficult to trace the porter.


This means of transport was used in the past as there were no other means of transport. Since the invention of other means of transport, it is not used widely as most people prefer other means as they are fast and can also carry relatively heavy goods.


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