Pros and Cons of Home Schooling

Homeschooling is the education of children at home rather than at school or any other place. Homeschooling is conducted by either a parent, a tutor or an online teacher. When it is done by a parent, there is the development of a stronger parent-child relationship. The parent is able to know his or her child’s innermost character.

There is an opportunity for a child to escape negative peer pressure from others as he or she will only be handled alone at home.

pros and cons of homeschooling

Pros of Home Schooling

  1. There is no bullying

As the child is taught at home alone, there is no possibility of being bullied by others. The child enjoys all the freedom alone and in case of a problem the parent or the online teacher handles it hence the environment is very conducive for the child to learn.

  1. There is academic flexibility

The tutor or the parent can adjust the time table and teach the child where he or she has a weakness. There is no fixed time table to be followed hence the system is flexible.

  1. Freedom of pace and approach

When the parent handles the child, he or she has the freedom to decide on the best approach that he or she can use in order for the child to understand better. The areas that can be understood by the child quickly the parent may decide to teach at a fast pace but the ones that cannot be understood then the parent may teach at a slow pace to enhance understanding of the concept.

  1. Community involvement

There is a possibility for a child to be involved in community services such as cleaning the church hence the child develops all round.

  1. There is a warm family environment

The child is able to enjoy the warm family environment in that he or she may not fear anything as he or she knows that it is the usual environment she is in hence she learns confidently without any fear.

Cons of Home Schooling

  1. Lack of socialization

The child may not learn how to socialize with other people as he or she only interacts with family members hence not developing socially.

  1. Inadequate facilities

There might be inadequate facilities at homes such as enough books and other learning aids and this may make it difficult for the child to understand the concept being taught.

  1. Time

The parent or the tutor may be engaged in other activities hence not giving much time to the child which will hinder learning at home.

  1. Motivation

The tutor or the parent may not really use the right means of motivating the child and this may make the child view education as boring hence not gaining from it.

  1. Patience

Some tutors and parents may not have the patience to keep on doing the same thing for more than one time as the teachers do hence the child may not really get the concept right.

  1. Cost

Homeschooling may be costly as the parents may not be able to purchase for all that is required by the learner as opposed to a school environment where the child can easily share with others hence costly on the side of the parent.


Homeschooling may be good but in developed countries where the parent may hire a tutor for the child as opposed to developing countries where the parent’s living standards are low and have to struggle to make ends meet. The child may not also develop socially which may affect him or her when she or he grows up.


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