Pros and Cons of H and R Block

Hand R block is an American tax preparation company operating in Canada, United States, Australia, and India. It supports most tax forms, it has a maximum refund guaranteed, and it calculates accurately, it offers import prior year returns.

It operates retail tax offices staffed by tax professionals also offers consumer tax soft wares and online tax preparations and electronic filing from their website.

Pros and Cons of H and R Block

Pros of H and R Block

  1. Service from tax professionals

The block has staff that is professionals in the field of tax hence the public able to get good services from the professionals and they will be convinced that the amount taxed is the right amount.

  1. They offer online services

This makes it easier for the members of the public to receive the services from wherever they are without necessarily having to travel to the tax offices hence it is convenient.

  1. Refund guarantee

H and R offer a refund advance in case the person has met a refund threshold from all in-person tax return preparation.

  1. They are accurate

Their program runs accuracy check to look for any errors and missed a chance before submitting the returns.

  1. Easy to go through the menu

Their platform is designed in a way that the members of the public can easily go through the menu to correct any errors they may have made.

  1. They offer the service of pro review

The members of the public can review the information before submission and this makes them give the correct information.

  1. Easy to use

The services that are offered online are easy to use in that the members of the public can follow the instructions and submit the relevant information.

  1. There is clarity

As they employ professionals, they can offer clear information about the payment of the tax and how to do it.

  1. Free filling option

The individuals can submit the returns easily and quickly as the option is free and available to the users.

Cons of H and R block

  1. Temporary employment

As people do not file tax returns now and then, the staff that is employed does work temporary hence it is not a reliable source of employment.

  1. Limited guide

The guide that is normally offered to people is limited in that the people themselves do a lot of the work by themselves.

  1. Design issues

The blocking software has design issues making it not good as the Turbo Tax.

  1. The public have to pay an additional fee if they need the services of a professional

The individuals are required to pay a certain amount of money for them to be provided by the services of a professional.

  1. The plan cannot handle complex issues

As the plan is either free or low price hence they employ the staff that cannot handle complicated issues about tax returns filling.

  1. Competition

The block faces high competition from the Turbo Tax plan hence they have to compete for individuals by marketing and advertising its block that may be costly.

  1. Regulations

The block is not able to offer the refund anticipation due to regular scrutiny from the government hence not many individuals prefer to use the block.


The h and r block offers good services but they need to look into the little drawbacks that they face for it to be as competitive as the turbo tax block.

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