21 Quality Pros and Cons of Group Therapy

Group therapy is where one or more therapists treat a small group of people. It helps individuals develop communication and socializing skills. It also allows clients to learn how to express their issues and accept criticism from others.

Pros and Cons of Group Therapy

Pros of Group Therapy

  1. It offers a different perspective from every member

As it is a varied level of examination, it allows deep analysis of individual problems hence easy to know the problem an individual is facing.

  1. Less expensive

Meeting a group of people is less expensive as compared to meeting an individual. The clients are gathered at a place and the services of therapists are offered once.

  1. Not time-consuming

It takes little time to offer services to a group of people other than offering the same service to individuals at different intervals.

  1. It is supervised by trained therapists

The group is normally supervised by a trained therapist and in case of extreme cases, it may be easier to offer help to the client.

  1. There is a chance for members to try new skills

Members of the group are able to try new skills before going to the outside world and this may help them to build their confidence.

  1. It allows role-playing

Group therapy allows the clients to role play and this may be necessary for the trainer to give feedback to the participants hence easy to evaluate all aspects developed in the client.

  1. It helps develop social interaction skills

When the clients come together, they are able to communicate among themselves and this helps the clients to develop social skills hence able to express themselves fluently.

  1. Easy to evaluate other behaviors

Behaviors such as emotional outbursts, self-destructive and irrational thoughts are observed and controlled hence the clients are able to fit in the society well.

  1. Easy to discuss problems

When the clients meet, they are able o discuss the problems they face as they all have challenges which in turn will involve the parents and this may speed up the recovery process.

  1. Compliments and praises hasten the recovery

When the clients receive compliments from the colleagues and the therapists, they feel well and this hastens the process of recovery as they will value themselves.

  1. It provides a sense of belonging

A client may feel that is not part of the group if they do not share similar problems. When they are put in a group of those with the same challenges they feel that is their place and they own it.

  1. The clients develop self-awareness

When the clients communicate with others who have similar challenges they become aware of the challenges and adapt ways of living with the challenges.

Cons of Group Therapy

  1. Difficult to adjust to new members

When new members are added to the group it may affect the old clients as they not accept the fact easily that the member is one of them and this may make them slow down in their socializing speed.

  1. Fear of rejection

Some individuals may fear being rejected by other group members and this may become a problem for the individual to bond with others.

  1. There will be no secrets

As the members are encouraged to socialize they may end up talking anything and ye some information may not be needed to be taken out.

  1. Some clients may not endure the hostility from others

Some members may be very aggressive and hostile and this may make some clients not to feel comfortable with the situation and this may make them not to progress at all.

  1. Suicidal patients cannot be part of the group

Group therapist is forced to leave out some members who may appear to be suicidal as they may affect other patients’ healing progress.

  1. Some activities may be uncomfortable for some members

Some group activities may be uncomfortable for some members and this may make them feel like they do not belong to that group hence they cannot improve in such conditions.

  1. Personality differences

There may be a challenge when it comes to personality differences and this may force the therapist to handle each individual separately which will render the group useless.

  1. Difficult to interact with others

It is not easy to overcome social phobia as everyone fears to share secrets with strangers. This may make the clients not to improve their social skills as they will keep for themselves although in a group.

  1. Some individuals may feel special over others

I group therapy some individuals may feel they are in a better position than others and this may make the rest not to express themselves well hence inhibiting the social developing process.


Group therapy is good for many clients as it will enhance the development of social skills and instill confidence in many of the clients as opposed to individual therapy where the client is alone most of the time. If drawbacks are looked in to then group therapy can yield better results in the clients.

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