Pros and Cons of Free Samples

Free samples are portions of food or other products that are given to consumers through channels such as malls, supermarkets, or even retail shops at no cost. The products are given to consumers so that they may entice the consumers in order for them to get attracted to the commodity and may end up purchasing it.

The samples can also be offered to consumers through online. There are companies that offer free samples such as Coca Cola Company.

Pros and Cons of Free Samples

Pros of Free Samples

  1. The free samples provide a feeling of urgency as they may expire

When offering free samples it is normally for a specific period of time as they may expire any time hence it makes the consumer really go for the sample hence they can be attracted to buying the main commodity hence increasing the sales of the company.

  1. Builds trust in the brand

As people go for free samples, they may end up building trust in the brand hence they may decide to go for the product instead.

  1. Creates brand awareness

When the company decides to give free samples, they make their brand really be known by the consumers hence they will be aware that the commodity exists in the market and they may go for it hence an increase in sales.

  1. Creates an avenue for face to face communication

When the company decides to give a free sample it normally sends some of its staff to the market to do the campaign hence they will be able to meet with the potential customers face to face hence easy to convince them to go for the product.

  1. Able to reach the targeted customers

The company will be able to reach the targeted customers as the ones who will be attracted by the free sample will be able to change their minds to get the product even if they did not intend to go for the product.

Cons of Free Samples

  1. It is costly

For the company to have free samples it needs a lot of input whereby they need to produce the commodity that will be used as free samples hence it is a cost to the company.

  1. The results may be negative

It is not guaranteed that when giving free samples customers will be attracted to buy the good hence the company should not really rely on free samples as a method of promoting business.

  1. Some customers may ask for more samples

In the market, there are many people with different intentions whereby some may ask for more samples which they will end up not buying the real commodity.

  1. It requires a lot of time

The staff that is doing the sampling needs a lot of time to convince someone in order for the person to buy the commodity. This may require them to take many days to reach the intended group hence the company may use a lot of resources on this.


Free samples need to be in small quantities of which some of the customers may not really be satisfied with it hence they need more and more in order for them to make up their minds hence at sometimes it can be very costly to the company.

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