13 Interesting Pros and Cons of Face to Face Communication

Face to face communication is a way of sending a message through facial expression before you say a word. The purpose of using face to face communication is being able to see each other while communicating.

This allows better exchange of information as each party is able to see the facial expression and body language of each other.

Pros and Cons of Face to Face Communication

Pros of Face to Face Communication

  1. Easy to make conclusions

Since the parties involved in the communication are all present, the individuals can discuss at length until they reach the conclusion of a matter.

  1. Gives immediate feedback

In face to face communication, there is a possibility of the parties getting immediate feedback as there is no waiting for someone to respond later.

  1. Provides a chance to read body language and facial expression

The parties involved are able to tell the reaction of the one receiving or giving the information from the face and can be able to tell how serious the matter is.

  1. Facilitates trust and transparency

Through face to face communication, it is not easy for one to lie. Meeting face to face shows that someone is committed and is able to give all the required information hence transparency and trust are developed.

  1. Little room for misunderstanding

The parties involved in the communication will come to an agreement at the end of the discussion. In case a point is not well elaborated an individual has the ability to go ahead and make further clarifications until the other party gets the right information.

  1. No distortion of the message

The message that delivered is the exact thing that needed to be told. The information will not be distorted on the way in the process of delivering it. There will be no subtraction nor addition of other information to the original information.

  1. It is cheap

As compared to other forms of communication such as e-mail and phone calls it is cheap as the parties will all present, they will only need to talk and end the matter.

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Cons of Face to Face Communication

  1. Not effective in large meetings

When a large group of people is meeting to deliberate on an issue, it will not be easy to arrive at conclusions as each and everyone has a different opinion about the situation.

  1. Time

It is not easy to create a convenient time for each and everyone to meet. The parties involved must find time to meet which may inconvenient others.

  1. May take a long time

When people meet face to face may start discussing irrelevant ideas which may be time-consuming hence not arriving at conclusion faster.

  1. High cost

Facilitating a face to face communication may be at a high cost. This comes in when the parties involved have to travel in order to attend the meeting.

  1. Unsuitable for some people

This may result if the party involved is always nervous or a stammerer because the communication may not yield fruits.

  1. No accountability

The parties involved may not be accountable as the information is not recorded anyway hence easy for someone to deny the meeting.

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As face to face communication is most reliable for feedback, it also has some challenges that render it ineffective in some situations. Before choosing a means of communicating it is advisable to the way the situation.

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