Pros and Cons of Enclosed Office Layout

The enclosed office layout is an office that is occupied by either one or two people. They are informed of cubicles. And panels which help create a separate office place for every employee working in the office.

In these types of offices, there is much privacy and the workers cannot easily be interfered with others hence they are free to work efficiently from their offices.

Pros and Cons of Enclosed Office Layout

Pros of Enclosed Office Layout

  1. There is no distraction

In an enclosed office layout, the employees are not distracted by others as everyone is in his or her own cubicle which makes the working environment conducive for each and every employee.

  1. Allows creativity of the employee

The employees have a chance to be creative and come up with relevant ideas on how to handle different situations in the office and this makes the work easier for the manager to supervise and affect the areas that need assistance with ease as the employees will already have the capability of being creative on their own.

  1. Easy to observe the hierarchy

The employees will have an easy time when it comes to the handling matters as they will know which office is responsible for which type of situation hence issues will be handled easily in the office.

  1. Reduces gossiping

There will be less gossiping in the office as employees will have little time for mingling hence they will be at peace with each other.

  1. Allows concentration

The employees will be able to concentrate hence working effectively that will allow the growth of the company.

  1. There is privacy

The employees are able to have their own privacy hence they will feel secured to work in the office as they will be able to do their work in privacy.

Cons of Enclosed Office Layout

  1. Inadequate supervision

The manager will have difficulty in supervising each and every office as he or she has to move from one office to another in order for him to supervise the work done.

  1. Less communication

As everyone works in a separate cubicle, there will not be a possibility of talking to each other hence it is not easy for them to build each other as they will not be sharing information often.

  1. Negative behaviors

It is possible for employees to engage in negative behaviors such as reporting to work late and not completing the work on time as they will be working from an enclosed area.

  1. Needs large space

For an enclosed office, it requires a large area for the cubicles to be constructed as opposed to an open office layout where the one-room will be fitted with furniture and everyone has to work from one place.

  1. Less emotional attachment

In an enclosed office, there will be less emotional attachment among the employees and this may make people not develop the virtue of love, caring among each other which will result in the negative states when an employee is faced with a problem.


The enclosed office layout is good when the employees work under little supervision as each and everyone will do his or her work well as instructed. But in case there are people who need close supervision for them to work then it will be difficult for them to work in an enclosed office layout.

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