14 Important Pros and Cons of Electoral College

Electoral College is a body of electors established by the United States Constitution, which forms every four years for the sole purpose of electing the president and vice president of the United States of America.

Pros and Cons of Electoral College

Pros of Electoral College

  1. It ensures all parts are involved in the election of the president

For the president to win the elections he or she needs votes from all regions and the college ensures that the votes come from all the regions.

  1. It guarantees certainty to the outcome of the presidential election

The election in the United States is not based on popular votes as it can make a candidate win without obtaining actually majority of the votes. Electoral College makes it possible for the winning candidate to win fairly.

  1. It is believed that it is the best method to choose a president

In the United States, it is believed to be the best method of choosing a president. They use electors instead of popular votes. This makes it possible to safeguard against the uneducated members of the public against being lured into voting for a certain individual.

  1. It increases political influence in small states

As the candidates are supposed to appeal for votes from all the states this makes it possible for them to seek votes from all over.

  1. It promotes fairness

There is a possibility of all the candidates involved in the election being treated fairly as the votes may not be biased hence the best way of getting a president of a country.

  1. It encourages political stability

There will be political stability if a country uses the Electoral College body in its elections. In the United States, only two political parties are allowed and this reduces rivalry amongst the candidates as there will be only two people to compete for presidential seats hence political stability.

  1. There is the equal national representation

In the United States, the national systems receive equal representation and this makes it possible for the individual voters to have a say in all matters.

Cons of Electoral College   

  1. It ignores the will of people

A few people decide who will be the president. For instance, in America, there are a lot of people but around five hundred and thirty-eight people are the ones who decide who to be the president and that made Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton

  1. It allows presidential elections to be decided by a handful of states

According to the Electoral College, presidential candidates only need to pay attention to a few states that can move in any direction.

  1. The reasons for founding Electoral College are no longer relevant

The Electoral College was founded on the basis of ensuring that there is no biasness in the election of the president. But it has turned out that there is a lot of business when it comes to electing the president and this renders its reasons for establishing it irrelevant.

  1. It may not be an actual reflection of the people

At the primary elections, someone may not be able to make it but when it comes to the senate the person may win and this makes the decision of one winning the presidential elections to lie in the hands of a few people hence the people on the ground do not have to say in that.

  1. It may discourage voter turnout in some areas

When the members of the public know that their votes will not have an effect on the winning candidate, they may decide not to turn out for the elections and this may lead to the insubordination of the right to vote.

  1. It may lead to demonstrations

When the members of the public at primary levels vote for their preferred candidate then it turns out that the candidate has not emerged as the winner, they may demonstrate leading to the destruction of property and death of human beings.

  1. Small states may be ignored

The presidential candidates may concentrate in a few states ignoring other states hence it may lead to discrimination as a result of Electoral College.

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Electoral College has to operate under the aims of its foundation in order for the members of the public to be satisfied with their services. It was founded in order to solve the problem of population distribution as the United States is large. This may make it easier for people to cast their votes for the preferred candidate.

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