Pros and Cons of Dream Act

The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act is a United States legislative proposal to grant temporary conditional residency with the right to work to qualifying immigrants who entered the United States as minors.

If they satisfy the qualifications, they can be granted permanent residency. It is bipartisan, commonsense legislation based on America’s shared values of opportunity, education, and achievement.

Pros and Cons of Dream Act

Pros of Dream Act

  1. It has a strong moral argument

The act argues that the country being a Christian country it is not good to make the minority suffer in their hands so they allow them to stay and provide the necessary facilities for them to live there comfortably.

  1. Adds diversity to the country

Diversity proves that people from different backgrounds and countries can add value to the production of the country hence the minority are offered a chance to work in America without discrimination.

  1. Expansion in military enrolment

The high percentage of people in the military in America is the non-citizens hence the enrolment has been high as many of the immigrants have been taken to the military which acts as a source of employment to them.

  1. Allows law enforcement to redirect their efforts

People were really concentrating on the immigrants forgetting the main things that they are supposed to do. The dream act allows them to use the effort in other fields to improve the economy and not on the immigrants.

  1. It would help to boost the economy

The economy of the United States is able to improve as a lot of immigrants work in the agricultural fields which makes the production go high hence boosting the economy of the country.

  1. No threats of deportation

As the dream act deals with immigrants who went to the United States illegally, the government does not offer them the threat of being deported.

  1. It provides a meaningful path

The immigrants are able to have a say through the dream act as they are allowed to stay in the country legally hence they are given the opportunity to talk like others.

  1. Young people are given the opportunity to reach their education and economic potential

Through the dream act, young people are allowed to be educated and finally get employed which makes them reach their potential as other citizens.

Cons of Dream Act

  1. It may unbalance political systems

The dream act may favor those people who support the act and this may make the current political systems in the country to destabilize.

  1. It does not solve the issue of lack of education

The dream act does not open doors to students to get to a higher diploma and this makes them not continue with their education hence the problem of lack of education still exists.

  1. It could take jobs away from the legal migrants

The jobs that are done by legal migrants are the ones that the citizens of the United States cannot do hence to make sure that the illegal immigrants also have jobs they may be offered the same jobs making the legal migrants lose their jobs.

  1. It takes resources away from the citizens and legal migrants

The resources will be given to the illegal immigrants as they are considered to be the minority hence the citizens will have inadequate resources.

  1. It would facilitate illegal immigration

As the immigrants will be sure that they will be protected once they are in the United States, it would make them flock the country in order for them to be offered education and jobs.

  1. It reduces the benefits of legal migration

Those who go to the United States legally will have few benefits as they will be required to share the benefits with the illegal immigrants.

  1. Reduces the pride of legal immigrants

As all immigrants will be treated equally, the pride that used to be possessed by the legal immigrants will be reduced as they will be treated equally.

  1. It would lead to higher levels of crime

When there are a lot of immigrants, there will be few job opportunities and some may result in crime for them to earn a living.


It is difficult for the dream act to become a law in the United States as it is often debated upon hence the illegal immigrants may still continue to suffer in the United States.

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