Pros and Cons of Direct Mail Advertisement

Direct mail advertising is a market promotion that uses mail service to deliver a promotional printed piece of information to the targeted audience. It includes the use of brochures, catalogs, newsletters, and sales letters.

It is normally put in an envelope then sent to the targeted customer through the mail. It contains response advice in case the customer needs to take the product.


Pros of Direct Mail Advertisement

  1. Provides detailed information

As it is normally printed, the salesperson is in a position to give more information to the customers about the product. He or she can write all the details that concern the product before sending the information to the customer. This information will enable the customer to understand more about the product hence can easily be convinced to buy the product.

  1. It is individualized

The message sent to customers is individual-based and this may make the salesperson easily use a convincing language to win the customer or in case the customer is not able to take the product then the results cannot affect other customers as it will be an individual decision.

  1. It is flexible

Through the use of direct mail advertisement, the salesperson may decide to adjust the services to be offered and also the cost to fit the customer’s needs which will make it possible for the customer to buy the product.

  1. It deals with targeted customers

The information about the product is sent to only targeted customers which makes it easier for the company as it will not be given to every individual who may at the end decide not to take the product and yet the information has already been given.

  1. Relatively cheap

The company only deals with clients who can really buy the product hence it is not easy for the company to waste a lot of time and resources on people that may end up not buying the product.

Cons of Direct Mail Advertisement

  1. Minimal response

In direct mail, it is difficult to get a response from the customer as it may take longer for the customer to get the message. This may make the customer go for another option hence not responding to the message that was sent through the mail.

  1. Unpredictable mail

The mail may at times be unpredictable to use. Sometimes it may take longer for the postman to go for the letters from the post office hence the salesperson may not really be sure if the intended customer received the message or not.

  1. Costly and time-consuming

In case the message has to be sent to various customers, then it can be costly as each and everyone is to be sent individually and the letter also has to take time to be drafted hence time-consuming and costly at times.


Direct mail advertisement is good if the company has to advertise the product to few individuals but it is not the best method if the company is intending to reach very many customers although it is cheaper as compared to other means of advertisement.

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