Pros and Cons of Democracy

Democracy is a form of government in which the people exercise the authority of government. The authority is shared among the people. The members elect their own leaders to run the issues of their area.

The majority rules whereby they speak for the views and interests of the public hence the public feels that they are part and parcel of the government.

Pros and Cons of Democracy

Pros of Democracy

  1. It treats people equally

It allows people to enjoy political, social, and economic rights regardless of their social status and religion hence people feel treated equally.

  1. It results in good citizens

Democracy can make every citizen do things accordingly as they are operating under their own rules hence it may end up producing citizens that are of good morals eliminating the vices in the society as they would not like to fail their own leaders.

  1. Prevents warfare

There will be few chances of the individuals having conflicts as a result of leadership as they will have a chance to elect their own leader hence the chances of conflicts between tribes and different nations will be minimized.

  1. Prevents violence

Violence may not erupt between the political parties as the citizens will form rules to govern the parties and this may make the settle the dispute in case of a disagreement hence there will be no violence.

  1. Equal and fair justice

In case an individual has committed a crime the punishment given will be equal to the crime and everyone else committing such crime will face the same punishment as per the law.

  1. Promotes economic growth

There will be growth in the economy as the individual will not fear to move to other areas to look for employment as there will be security. People will also not fear to invest in other areas hence the economy will develop as there will be more investments in the country.

  1. Change in policies

When there is a democracy, the citizens will have to formulate their own policies that they will follow and this will make it possible to get different views from people which will result in the formation of policies that will work well with the citizens.

  1. Power will be decentralized

Not only will the leader make decisions on the matters that affect the citizens. Everyone will be given a chance to give views on how the matter is supposed to be dealt with and they will come to consensus hence power will be shared among the citizens.

  1. It encourages the public

The public gets encourages when they are involved to make decisions on who is to be their leader by being given a chance to vote.

  1. Leads to a quality life

The public believes that democracy will lead to quality life as they will be given the chance to elect their own leader who will be able to present their views.

  1. Reduces issues with exploitation

Members of the public will not be exploited by one person or community as they will be given a chance to air out their views that will have to be followed.

  1. There is a high level of patriotism

People will have a chance to fight for what they want in life and this may make them become patriotic to their nation and defend it whenever the need arises.

Cons of Democracy

  1. The level of greediness increases

Some people may not want to leave power. Once in power, they may refuse to allow others to rule which may at the end result in conflicts.

  1. Not easy to fulfill the promises

When someone is looking for the chance to be in power may give promises to the members of the public without necessarily having a plan on how to fulfill the promises and this may make him or her not to fulfill the promises.

  1. High levels of corruption

Every leader admires to be in power so that he or she may benefit the way other leaders are benefitting and once they are put there they look into their accounts first hence forgetting about the members of the public who elected them.

  1. It brings in divide and rule

For something to be done, someone may decide to use religion and races of people to divide them for him or her to get the opportunity of the ruling.

  1. It takes time to implement change

It has to start with collecting votes from the members of the public which may take time to be effected after that as it will require some guidelines which need to be discussed upon.

  1. Mob rule

Democracy encourages mob rule as each party will look for the mob to be on its side during the election hence the leader will only be selected based on the strength of the job he or she had.

  1. Inadequate knowledge

Members of the public have little knowledge about their votes. They do not understand the importance of their votes and what they expect from it hence the leaders take advantage of it to win peoples’ votes.

  1. It all about political competition and power play

There is no sense of democracy as the leaders are only competing among themselves and they just want to win the votes from the members of the public so they will use all means to get the votes.

  1. Consultation leads to delay

If the leaders have to make consultations, then probably there will be a delay and that is why they do not make consultation but they make decisions on their own on what to do.

  1. Easy to make bad decisions

Most members of the public do not really know as to why someone would like to be elected hence they elect the person who will in turn not assist them to develop. They just judge the book by its cover.


Democracy should be embraced but there are a lot of malicious people who use the idea of democracy to amass wealth for themselves leaving those people who elected them to suffer. Some tough rules should be put in place for democracy to function.


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