Pros and Cons of Cultural Relativism

Cultural relativism is the idea that a person’s beliefs, values, and practices should be understood based on that person own culture. They should be judged against by the criteria of another culture. It involves specific epistemological and methodological claims of that culture.

They assert that one thing is relative to a particular framework.

Pros and Cons of Cultural Relativism

Pros of Cultural Relativism

  1. It does not allow cultural conditioning

It prevents people from having an individual perspective on the culture of the other people. People are to adopt the culture of others in the name that they are very close to them.

  1. Easy to create personal morals

When there is a decision to be made, it becomes easy as one has to consult from his or her culture and this will help to uphold the standards of a particular culture which will eventually impact the morals of the individuals.

  1. Each culture can be treated as an individual

This implies that moral values of a certain culture can be defined and implemented and people have to follow them regardless of the other cultures.

  1. It allows no judgment in the society

As people will behave as the way it is required of them, there will be no one to judge each other on how he or she is doing her things hence there will be no judgment in the society.

  1. Preserves human culture

Culture is able to be preserved as people will always do as per how the culture demands them hence it will be preserved as it will be passed from one generation to another.

  1. It encourages respect

People will respect other people’s culture as they will not look down upon other people’s culture since they will have their own. This avoids a certain group of people to look at others as being primitive.

  1. Allows people to pursue their interest

Cultural relativism allows people to pursue their area of interest regardless of what other cultures are doing hence people are able to live comfortably as they do what is fit for them.

  1. It allows equality in society

There will be equality in society as people will always do what they are supposed to do. There will be no discrimination basing on gender or religion hence improving the economy of the area.

  1. It allows cooperation

People will be able to work with others well and this may create new innovations that may help in the growth of the economy as people will not be discriminated against on the basis of cultural levels.

  1. Provides social and economic benefits

As people will relate with others well, they will be able to create good social grounds which will eliminate some of the vices in the society as one may not want to hurt another due to cultural issues hence the economy will be improved.

Cons of Cultural Relativism

  1. It can make perception to become truth

As culture demands people to do things in a certain manner, it can make the perceptions to be the truth as people will grow up knowing that it is supposed to be the way they find it being done.

  1. It can limit human progress

Certain beliefs can make society not to progress as they will fear to leave the beliefs which are making them not to progress in life because they fear of something that may happen to them which is not good.

  1. It also limits moral progress

People will continue behaving the way the culture demands them to behave hence they will not think of any other way that can make the morals more sensible to them.

  1. Creates gaps between people

People would not like to associate with those that are not doing as their culture demands as they will think that it is evil hence they will tend to pull away from certain people and this may hinder development.

  1. Lack of cultural diversity

People will not have the interest to learn how other cultures live. They will not learn the food from different cultures and this may not be healthy as certain cultures have traditional foods that have medicinal value.

  1. It is an idea based on the perfection of humanity

According to culture, it will be expected for human beings to be very perfect in life and this may be a weakness as some people are not able to restrict themselves from doing certain things.

  1. It may result in chaos

Some people would have the assumption that their culture is more superior and this may result in chaos as the other cultures will not feel good about the assumption.

  1. There will be biasness

There will be a lot of biasness in society as some cultures will tend to do their best so that they may outshine others.

  1. There will be discrimination based on gender

Some cultures have dos and don’ts based on gender. This may make the society not to improve as the other gender will not be allowed to do a certain thing and yet they can do it better.


Cultural relativism is not good as it will hinder development in various areas of the economy. It will create more problems for society as each and everyone will be required to behave as per what the culture calls. There will be little innovations that may be helpful to society and country at large and this will hinder the development of the country.

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